Sunday, July 28, 2013

Adam Daniel - Pop Baby

I find I often refer to music I love as "Sunny" music,  by which I mean that sitting in the garden, in the countryside or by the sea, that the music compliments the warmth and beauty of my surroundings and instantly gives me a totally feel good state of mind.
So, it is somewhat of a surprise to be sitting inside on a grey, wet Sunday morning in Sweden that I should be listening to an album that evokes all of those feelings, but Adam Daniel's latest album, "Pop Baby" does just that, maybe no surprise with an opening track entitled "Summers Coming?"

Self declared control freak, Adam creates music which he describes as a mash up of Elton John piano, glam rock guitars, Beach Boys vocal stacks and new wave synth candy which are all of his favourite things.

The music and songs remind me a little of Ken Stringfellows "Touched" album, well crafted music and meaningful lyrics, I sometimes get flashes of Fountains of Wayne and even a smattering of ELO, add that to Adams "mash ups" and we end up with an extremely colourful album, bright, sunny, warm and fuzzy.

Adam is entirely responsible for every element of this album, from the songwriting, arranging, producing, performing, recording, mixing and mastering in which he seems to have excelled in every aspect with the finished product  being a well polished affair of 13 great songs.

Adam's last release was "Blue Pop" in 1999 which I have also been listening too which is every bit as good as "Pop Baby" which leads to the question, why so long between records, especially when the first album got such great reviews, "All Music guide" said "It is among the best guitar-pop albums of the 90's." Adam does give a reason for this in the Bio section of his website, however, I would rather sit here contentedly listening to this album and think to myself that the best things take time and are worth waiting for.

 Photo by Paul Beauchemin

Stream and buy the album here in digital download and CD format: Bandcamp

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Official Website:

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Single and EP releases from: The Above, Jasko, The Very Most and The Space Agency.

Last August I featured The Above's single "My Love" on the blog and raved about it with great enthusiasm, well, now they are back a year later with another superb 7" single, (there was a release in February too which I missed, more on that in a little bit) also available as a download, well, it is 2013, however, this Brooklyn quartet sound as though they just dropped straight out of the sixties with their jangly guitars and harmonies, this is yet another superb offering from the band.

"The Girl With The Peacock Tattoo" is my favourite track on this single, it oozes the feeling of the sixties and captures the essence of al the great bands of that era, the A side is also brilliant too!  This will certainly be in my top singles of the year without any shadow of a doubt!

Stream and download this pop nugget here: The Above Bandcamp

To make amends for my missing out on the bands earlier release this year, I am going to feature it along with their latest release because it would be criminal to miss out on this little gem like I did.
This 3 track release is once again crammed with all the jangly pop sensibilities you can muster up in just over 9 minutes, the three tracks here will have you stomping away in your Chelsea boots for definate.
Also available on 7" vinyl as per the bands other first class offerings.

And if this wasn't enough, there is a new album in the wings for release later this year and I am really looking forward to that one.

Sharp dressers with a sharp sound!

Stream and download the "Georgia Peach" single here:The Above Bandcamp

All of the singles and the album can be purchased here:

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For news, full biography, photos, video etc visit the bands official website here: The Above


I had a nice e mail from Jasko asking me if I had any interest in featuring their latest offering, possibly their debut offering, which I am more than happy to do.  The 6 tracks are all very well constructed, lyrically interesting and whats more they get your feet tapping with their uptempo power pop.
I can't tell you a lot about the band other than they hail from New York and consist of Todd Jasko, Mary Noecker, Justin Hofmann and Bryan Reeder and that they make some great music and what is more they are offering it for a name your price fee, which can be FREE, or you can help towards the band putting out more releases by making a payment of your choice.

Some of the quotes from the bands Bandcamp page with one addition:

"I can't understand your lyrics, Todd." - My dad 

"The fourth song is okay." - My brother 

"This is better than your band. That stuff is too heavy." - My mom 

"Dude, I want to hear some synths!" - Pete L. 

"You write music? Is this you?" - Jack T. 

"I like 80's music. Are any of your songs more like that?" - Jill B. 

"How do I put this on my stereo system? Is this the I-toons?" - My aunt

"Keep on keeping on, this is great!" Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More.

Stream and download the Extended Play/Mini Album here: Bandcamp

I am not sure if the band have a facebook page or official website, but I will update any information on that as soon as I find it.


The Very Most are an Indie Pop band from Boise, Idaho, influenced by Camera Obscura, The Beach Boys and the poppier side of Built To Spill and they have just released another slice of pop for your listening pleasure with the four track EP "Just a Pup."

The band is made up of an ever changing line up with the one main stay being Jeremy Jensen and they have been releasing some great music since 2004. This latest release is absolutely stunning and was certainly made for the summer, tracks like "We Don't have Any Cuts To Make" just float around head with an almost dream like quality, this is pure pop.

The EP also contains a cover of the Tom Jones song "It's Not Unusual" featuring Liz Hunt from The School on vocals, a song that I have never been that enthused by in the past, not being a fan, but I am certainly enthused by it now, the layering of the music once again make the song float around.

I first became aware of The Very Most when they realeased a track called "Scotland" which starts with the line; "All the best bands come from Scotland............" which has a very BMX Bandits feel about it, well, some of the best bands don't and "The Very Most" are one of them.

Stream and download "Just a Pup" here and be sure to check out the extensive and colourful back catologue of the band: Bandcamp

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For those of you who love some psychedelic instrumental music, then you won't go far wrong with The Space Agency, in fact you won't go wrong at all.  Hailing from my own hometown of Brighton in East Sussex this band produce some fantastic music and are just about to release a limited edition sing on the brilliant "Market Square Records" label, called "Bombay Potatoes" which will be released as a limited 300 copies 7" vinyl pressing, so if like me you love your vinyl and your psychedelia, then act quick, the release date is the 26th of August.

Order the single here: Market Square Records

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The band will be having a release party at The Horse and Groom in Brighton on the 31st of August where you will also be able to buy the single if you are lucky enough to be in the vacinity.


Over and out.  Keep the faith.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick catch up with, The Begging Sea - The Distance, New video from The Sharks, Vegas With Randolph - Rings Around The Sun, Souvenir Stand - Oh You! EP.

Ok, now, I know I have been a little slack with the blog, but we are having a pretty good summer here in Sweden, it was late coming and I have been determined to get the most of it, the snow will be here soon enough, so I hope you will forgive my lack of posts.
Right, let's kick off with The Begging Sea, those of you familiar with Sherwood will know all about this already, those of you who are not familiar, take a listen to this track.

I think that you will agree that this is pretty top notch stuff and pretty good summer music.  Nathan Henry worked hard to bring this album to the table, raising all the funding through kickstarter, you may remember the appeal video I shared here some time back, it was great fun and pretty cool and the resulting album is brilliant, check it out and bag your self a copy here: Bandcamp

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a bloody good album!

Stream and buy the album here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, like and love The Begging Sea here: Facebook


So, after releasing a digital album by this band, I guess I don't need to bang on about how much I love them and you probably know as much as I do about them, but you may not know they have a new video out, so here it is, enjoy!!!!

Find this track and everything else by this brilliant band here and it is all free, so what are you waiting for, get in there!  The Sharks Bandcamp

Go get the compilation album put together by Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More here, free or make a donation, up to you, but get it!  The Sharks ICM compilation

Contact, befriend, like and love The Sharks here.: Facebook


One of the ICM's favourites and one of the first bands featured on the blog with their fantastic "Above The Blue" Vegas With Randolph are back with a new offering which, based on the three tracks on Bandcamp, is looking to be another sterling release from this fine band.
Like "The Begging Sea" this album is self funded and pre orders are being taken for the physical album which comes in many different guises from Mp3's to vinyl, vinyl with MP3's and T-shirts, stickers, the bands catologue of works with T get the idea, check out the offers and get your order in!

Details of the deal as outlined by the bands bandcamp page as follows:

This Pre-Order page is VWR's version of "Kickstarter". All Pre-Order Proceeds and additional pledges will go towards funding the completion of the mastering & manufacturing of the "Rings Around The Sun" CD. Quantities of CDs, T-Shirts, Stickers and etc available will be dependent on pre-order funding. 

VWR VERY MUCH APPRECIATES your support and generosity, as it is what enables us to continue to make new CDs for you. Your purchases, additional pledges, and posting, emailing, and spreading the word on this site and CD are HUGELY APPRECIATED. 

Release date September 2013.

Here more tracks and see the deals here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love Vegas with Randolph here: Facebook


The wonderful Stephanie Cupo and Souvenir Stand are at it again with some infectious tunes, this EP has a couple of old tracks combined with a couple of new ones.  If you haven't been drawn into this beautiful 60's tinged pop yet, you don't know what you are missing, this is music for sunny days, kicking back on a sandy beach with good friends, a cold drink and anything else that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and outside!

Stream and buy the EP, now for a name your price fee, or order the cassette here: bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, like, love, beg for more, here: Facebook


Right, well that scratches at the surface of my backlog of bands to share with you, but rest assured the wind is coming and so will the rain, but for now I am grabbing an ice cream and hitting the balcony and soaking up some sunshine.  Peace and love!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RAF Mod Band

RAF Mod Band hail from Portland, Oregon, which may strike you as being a little odd given their name and logo, but that s where the "odd" ends.
This paticular RAF drop their bombs in the form of 3 minute, punchy, full on, danceable tunes delivered on an array of vintage instruments and sung with English accents, ok, you may find that a little odd too, but then, think about how many bands from the UK sing with American accents, so fair play to them.
As the name suggests, well, states, they are a Mod band, one with leanings on the revival of 78/79, I am not quite that I would compare them to any particular band of that period, whilst the sounds they deliver fit in beautifully with that time, they have a distinctive sound of their own and a modern twist too giving them and the followers of that scene a fresh sound.

Photo by Lisa Rainer

RAF Mod Band are:

Chris Rich (guitar & vox), John Crawford (bass & vox), Josh Millman (guitar & vox) 
and Brad Pharis (drums)

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Chris Rich heard the British Beat sound at a young age and never let go. An early MOD Revival devotee, he played in various bands over the years honing the 2:50 song. His MOD-inspired studio project, "The Poseurs," had singles featured on American Radio and released on the UK MOD label, Heavy Soul Records. RAF is the culmination of many years effort and countless cups of tea. His songs tell stories of teenage angst, social conflict, rain drenched streets, and the ever daunting challenge of finding one’s place in the world. 

Guitarist/Singer Josh Millman has performed well over 1000 times in a number of different bands, including the popular cover band Boys Next Door and original band The Superficials which headlined MOD festivals in America. As a producer and audio engineer, he has been involved in the creation of countless rock, jazz, blues, and hip-hop albums. Many of Josh's original compositions have been featured in TV shows and movie soundtracks. He is also a voiceover actor and is the announcer in the Wii Sports video games! 

Bassist/Songwriter John Crawford found the MOD movement in the early eighties and immersed himself in it completely. As a young MOD in San Francisco Bay Area he quickly became a target for mainstream youth that persecuted those who stood out from the crowd in anything other than sport. Such struggles form the roots for many of his songs. He formed RAF with Chris Rich in 2011 after realizing they both experienced parallel lives as young MODS. RAF is John's first project.

Photo by Erin Gustafson

Drummer Brad Pharis began playing drums in 1972. As a youth he kicked off his career drumming for Ambush. While attending the University of Oregon Brad performed in the award winning theatrical production of, The Last Dragon which toured the Pacific Northwest with sold out shows. Additionally while in college he played for Arms Akimbo an art/punk/surf band. In 1981 Arms Akimbo opened for Billy Rancher and The Unreal Gods at the Euphoria in Portland, OR. Brad joined The Surf Cowboys in 1984 then The Boys Next Door in 1986. He was the driving force for bringing TBND to Portland OR and has faithfully set the back beat of the band for twenty-six years. As a side project Brad drummed for Ms. 45 in 2004. Brad joined RAF in 2012 with Josh Millman, a move that helped solidify the foursome. He sets a strong beat and plays with devoted passion.

The band are currently working on new songs which I am sure will be equally as exciting as the 4 that are currently available to listen to on their facebook page. Keep your eyes peeled on this band, I am sure we are going to see great things from them in the future, not that what we don't already have is great, of course!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Great bands to sign off with before my holidays with the most excellent,Travel Lanes, Too Much Saturn and Shelta.

Travel Lanes - Hey Hey, It's The Travel Lanes

Well, I am heading off for my holidays now for a few weeks, so this will be my last bit of blogging for three weeks or so, but don't stop sending submissions for the blog, as you have probably noticed I love the challenge of catching up with myself!
Three things I will be packing for my travels are the cds of the bands I am featuring here today, kicking off with the aptly named "Travel Lanes."  What a fantastic CD this is, this is classic Power Pop, I have been playing this loads this week and I am sure that it will be getting plenty of play during my holidays,
The band hail from Philadelphia and they have a wish, that wish is that you will turn out for a show, have a great time and buy a CD and help them on their way.  This is a band with great form, playing edgy, melodic tunes with a fantastic amount of energy, it would be quite fair to say that I am absolutely loving this.

I really can't impress enough how much you should grab a copy of this album, support this band and go along and see them if you can, did I say how much I am loving this? ;) Recommended for those that love the sounds of Elvis Costello, The Replacements and Nick Lowe.

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love the excellent Travel Lanes here: Facebook

Download "Hey Hey It's The Travel Lanes" here: itunes and cdbaby

Contact the band for physical copies.


More classic power pop here with added rock 'n' roll style keyboards  for an extra dimension, if that was needed for a band with an album with the title, "Moving Forward Sideways."
This Chicago band tick all the right boxes, they have the songs, the tunes, the delivery and some soul too, which both vocalists deliver with an absolute passion and style.
This album kicks off with the brilliant song "Photogenic," a real kick arse, stomp along song, that will have you playing air guitar or air drums to.  Every track on this album has a great quality, at times I was reminded of The Cars more rockier tracks, I am not sure if that is the keyboards or the production, but I don't care, this is brilliant, another classic slice of power pop.

Once again, I am absolutely loving this, this album will be gracing the ICM stereo for quite some time!

Stream and buy the album, CD/Download here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love the wonderful "Too Much Saturn" here: Facebook



A very good friend of mine dropped a track on my facebook page from this band and I was absolutely gobsmacked by their songs and thought of The Small Faces immediately when I heard the track, it had the depth and style and what is more the vocals were really powerful, so I dropped the band a message to find out more.  Shelta have been treading the boards for some time and then split, fortunately they realised that they had something special and re-formed and thank f*** they did!

The band is heavily influenced by the Mod and Brit Pop sounds, but, there is something about this band that puts them in a different place from the other bands in this scene and that is the powerful vocals and the fresh approach that they have to their influences, this is rocky, soulful, punchy and bloody clever and whilst there is no album out, or even a single, this is a band to watch out for, get on their facebook page and lets get an album out of them, to sum it up, GREAT!  Cheers to Joey for the heads up.

Style and substance!

Contact, befriend, follow, encourage them to make an album here: Facebook

Listen to more fantastic tunes here: Soundcloud


Right that is me done for my holidays, I will be back soon, take care and keep the faith!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Strangely Alright - The Time Machine is Broken OUT NOW

The say you can't judge a book by a cover and I guess the same applies to promotional material?  This album arrived neatly packaged in a folder with a complete biography of the band, an introduction to each of the members, photos and an introduction letter from vocalist guitarist Regan Lane.  This is possibly the best most informative promotion pack I have received from a band or record company, and what is more the album is also delivered with the same amount of care and attention as its promotional packaging.

"The Time Machine is Broken" is the first release for this band, which was formed after Regan Lane found himself at a low point in his life sitting on Tacoma's waterfront with nothing more than a broken down car, an empty crack pipe and a nasty opiate addiction, helpless and lost.
Time passed and Regan changed his outlook and gained a whole new perspective on life and a chance meeting with Ken Schaff (Bass/Vocals) led to a musical partnership that would soon, along with Jeff Reiner, Guitars, Lee Gregory, Keyboards/Vocals and Preston Darville Drums, become "Strangely Alright."

Time, acceptance, taking action, living in the moment, forgiveness and invariably love are the recurring lyrical themes that are addressed here, with a point of view that could be considered spiritual but is based on the thought that basically you get what you give.

With Lanes emotional vocals, crunchy, chiming guitars, lush harmonies, swirling mellotrons and strings, "The Time Machine Is Broken" is both modern and retro with a colourful production.

With reference points of The Beatles, Jellyfish, XTC, Be Bop Deluxe and even David Bowie, this album will sit pretty with a wide variety of listeners, who, like myself, will be only too happy to climb on board and go for a ride through space and time and come out the other side feeling totally elated for the experience, and that is, "Strangely Alright!"

Expect to see this album sitting pretty, high up in many "Albums Of The Year " lists. This is an instant classic!

Contact, befriend, follow, like, love and travel with Strangely Alright here: Facebook

CD available to buy here: cdbaby

Official Website:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hanky Panky - Precious Bitch EP - FREE DOWNLOAD

Winning best name band of the year so far is "Hanky Panky" from Nantes in France, but not everything in is a name, as we well know so it is a good job that this band have recorded 3 excellent songs for their first EP too.

"Hanky Panky" are a relatively new band so there is not an awful lot I can tell you about them at the moment, other than that they are one of the bands that are starting to put France on the musical map again, along with bands like "Crusaders of Love" and "Fuzzy Vox," in fact I can't even tell you who does what in the band, but, one of the members of the band Gianni Tremolo tells me that they use Rickenbacker guitars, Fender Rhodes and  a Hammond organ to get their sixties styled sounds and that they are influenced by some of my very own favourite bands, Teenage Fanclub, The Prisoners, Apples in Stereo and The Muffs to name but a few.

The three tracks on the EP are "Precious Bitch" followed by two excellent cover songs, "Bubble Skies" by Batmen and the best cover version of Buffalo Springfields "Burned" since Teenage Fanclub covered it!  This is certainly a band to keep you eye on.

The band record at home and will be releasing more free downloads in the year, they are also looking to start playing in Spain and Italy as well as on their home soil, so if you are a promoter in one of those countries, or know someone who is, then pass this link onto them and get this band booked, you won't be dissapointed I am sure.  Personally, I am hoping that they will make it further afield and take in Sweden too, selfish, I know, but I would love to see this band live!

Check out the fantastic video the band have put together for their track "Precious Bitch."

As soon as there is any further information or music available from "Hanky Panky," you can be absolutely sure that you will be hearing it here on the blog.

Contact, follow, befriend, like and love, with all you heart, "Hanky Panky" here: Facebook

Download the single FREE here: Bandcamp