Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #25

Originally aired in Sweden 19th March 2014 and in the US 20 and 21st Of March.

The Beach Boys - 409 (Surfin Safari LP) 
The Leftovers - Telephone Operator (Eager to Please LP) 
Thee Vicars - Crocodile Chomp (I wanna be your vicar LP) 
The Revellions - Bitter and Twisted (Give It Time LP) 
Teenage Bubblegums - Breakaway (Valentines Day split 7") 
The Teamsters - A Girl Named Linda (Play Along with The Teamsters EP) 
Attic Lights - Orbison (Single) 
The Thanes - Dishin' The Dirt (Dishin*The Dirt LP) 
The Fabulous Wailres - Rosalie (Live At The Castle 62 LP) 
The Jam - Slow Down (In The City LP) 
Trends - Thanks for a little Lovin* (Northern Soul Classics LP) 
The Go Wows - Time Turns (Single) 
The Giant Robots - Get Away (Too Young To Know Better LP) 
The Favourite Suns - That Driving Beat (Rare Mod Volume 1 LP) 
Speedmarket Avenue - Not This Time (Not This Time LP) 
See No Evils - Secrets In Me (Single) 
The Fore - In So Deep (Black And White LP) 
Sonic Chicken 4 - Underfireworks (2nd LP) 
The Chords - I'm Not Sure (So Far Away LP) 
Loop Line - Cut That Wave (Tides LP) 
Dead Ghosts - I sleep Alone (Can't Get No LP) 
Georgie Fame - Somebody Stole My Thunder (Svengali Soundtrack LP)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Show #24

Show #24
Teenage Bubblegums - 3 A.M (learn from yesterday, live for today, pray for tomorrow LP)
The Specials - A message To you Rudy (Specials LP)
RAF - Modern World (Come On EP)
The Jac - Wherever You Go (Love Dumb EP)
The Tickets - Way Down Here (The Tickets LP)
The Alan Brown Set  Headline News (The Weekend Starts Here 3 LP)
Teenage Bubblegums - Cotton Candy (learn from yesterday, live for today, pray for tomorrow LP)
Paul Orwell - Death Wish (Like I did Before EP)
David and The Giants - Ten Miles High (The Wigan Casino Story Continues LP)
The Cavestompers - Shabby Clothes, Shabby Moods (From Russia With Fuzz LP)
The Forty Nineteens - Only The Skies Are Blue (No Expiration Date LP)
B-Back - Shout (Secondhand LP)
The Sunchymes - Mr Buckstone (Single)
Peyotes - Psicosis (Psychotic Reaction LP)
Paul Orwell - Don't Do As I Do, Just Do As I Say (Paul Orwell LP)
The Bidons . I Don't Mind (Back To The Roost LP)
The Prisoners - Ain't No Tellin' (Rare and Unissued LP)
Mike Dees - AM Radio (Something Like Glitter LP)
Bud Rogers - Setting Sun (Setting Sun EP)
The Artwoods - Things Get Better (Art Gallery LP)
Goodman - Longing (Isn't It Sad LP)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show #23

Originally aired on Radio Andra, Sweden, 5th March 2014

The Playmates - If (Listen LP) 
The Byrds - It won't be wrong (The Byrds Greatest Hits Expanded LP) 
Rodriguez - Sugarman (Cold Fact LP) 
The Fabulous Wailers fet. Little Gail Harris - I Idolize You (Live at the Castle LP) 
The Paste Tense - Remember The Days (Split 7" single with The Loop) 
The Novatones - She's Out (For Monies Sake LP) 
The Rooks - In A Pin Wheel Spin (Encore Echoes LP) 
Michael Lynch - She's On Her Way (7" Single Marrket Square Records) 
The Checkerboard Squares Double Cookin' (Northern Soul Dance Party LP) 
Goodman - Isn't It Sad (Isn't It Sad LP) 
Bubblegum Orchestra - It's Only You (The Discovery LP) 
The Movements - Stolen Love (Like Elephants 2) 
Wiretree - Across My Mind (Luck LP) 
Men Of North Country - Magic (Magic EP) 
The Rubinoos - You Started It (Everything You always Wanted to Know LP) 
The Skatalites - Guns Of Navarone (Trojan Ska Box Set LP) 
Dollface - Opportunities (Corvette Summer LP) 
The Loop - Coming Up Slowly (Split 7" with The Past Tense) 
The Sensibles - My Matress (A bunch of Animals LP)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop an More radio show #22

Originally aired on Radio Andra, Sweden 26th February 2014.

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow 
The Clarks - Think Of England 
The Primitives - Crash 
Bully Bones . Shoot You Down 
Conceptus - Conceptus 
The Yum Yums - Never Let You Go 
The Doughboys - One More Time 
Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up 
La Panther Happens - Places We Use To Go 
Caddy - Hanging Onto Nothing 
The Hollies - Come On Home 
Grandmas Boyfriend - Hearts Feeling Lo ) 
Len Price 3 - After You're Gone 
Nick Piunti - She's a Good Time 
The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet 
The Pink Spiders - Going Steady 
Rooney - In My Pocket 
Second Saturday - Let's Run Away 
The Ramones - Pet Sematary 
The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio shows #20 & #21

Seems the shows are quite popular, my bandwith was used up within a few days and I was not able to upload these shows as quickly as others, if you want to download them, get in there quickly, I think the bandwith will be depleted again this month!  ENJOY!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Baby Scream - Greatest Failures OUT NOW!

"Greatest Failures" is the latest offering from one of the most underated bands/songwriters out there. Ironically, it is actually a compilation album of Baby Screams great songs that not enough people have discovered yet to call the album, "Greatest Hits!" This was surely a tongue in cheek title for the album, because to create songs with the amount of depth and magnitude contained within these tracks can hardly be classed as a failure, quite the opposite in fact!

When I first discovered the band, I was really taken with the mix of musical styles and the ultimate blend of Lennon and Bolan vocal stylings which make these guys stand out from the crowd.

I have written about several Baby Scream releases, which you can find in the search facility on the blog, this is the perfect introduction to a band who should be so much bigger and deserve to be listened to.  The songs are intelligent, well written and brimming with melodies that will keep your attention throughout the duration of the 15 tracks on the album.

Buy the album and check out the impressive back catologue here:

Contact, Befriend, Follow, Like and Love Baby Scream here:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show #19

The Pretty Things - You Don't Believe Me,  Markus Holler - Little Pretender,  Grant Lindberg - Always On My Mind,  Len Price 3 - My Granddad Jim,  The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard,  Trees and Timber - Hello My Name is Love,  The Bidons - Hell Yeah,  The Royal Flares - Blowing My Mind,  Neil Sturgeon - NY Reflection Song, Bobby "Blue" Bland - Shoes,  Red Kross - Ugly Town,  The Reigning Monarchs - Roll The Tanks,  The Beaux Jens - Trouble Baby,  Len Price 3 - Lonely,  The Stairs - Squashed Tomato Stomp,  The Shots - Walk Right Out,  The Riots - Heroes,  The Assist - Speak It Aloud, The Goldenhour - Zebra Fetish, Average Times - Wasted On Wine,  The Sha La La's - Losin' It,  The Soup Dragons - Head Gone Astray.

This show was originally aired on Radio Andra in Sweden 5th February 2014.
Sadly, at the moment, the show can't be downloaded as the Podomatic page for the show has had so many hits that the bandwith has been completely depleted, which is great because it means that the bands featured are getting some great exposure, which is the aim of the show.
We may consider taking advertisers on the show in the future, to be able to expand the bandwith and storage of the shows.  Should you be interested in sponsoring or advertising something that is relative to the audience of the show, please contact me at icecreammanpowerpop@hotmail.com