Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radios Show #87


Madness - The Prince (One Step Beyond LP)
The Rezillos - It Gets Me (The (Almost) Complete Rezillos LP)
The Dickies - She (The Incredible Shrinking Dickies LP)
The Shazam - Calling Sydney (Godspeed The Shazam LP)
The Maggots - Let's Go In 69 (Swing 5 LP)
Jennifer - Jenifer (Single)
The Time Sellers - Nothing's What It Seems (Single)
Budokan - You Don't Stop Loving The Band (Spin A Little Gold LP)
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind (Single)
The Most - Stickin' Out With You (Auto Destructive Art LP)
The Chords - I'm Not Sure (So Far Away LP)
The Jam - Start (Single)
The Delfonics - You'll Get Enough (Northern Souls Classiest Rarities LP)
Phil Upchurch Combo - You Can't Sit Down (The Weekend Starts Here Vol.2 LP)
Hollow Horse - One Day (Five Year Diary LP)
Your Gracious Host - If You Ever Have Your Doubts (Single)
Bongley Dead - Feliciana (Album 3)
Wits End - Validated (Up To Here LP)
Eugene Edwards - Shattered Flower (My Favourite Revolution LP)
Surf School Dropouts - This Morning (Second Nature LP)
The Gothees - Fireball X75 (Meet The Gothees LP)
Malka - A Flock Of Crows (The Constant State LP)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More shows #83, #84, #85 & #86


Oh! Gunquit - Voodoo Meat Shake (Eat Yuppies and Dance LP) 
Fezz - Ladyland Batswingers (Single) 
Three Four Teens - Gonna Make You Mine (Single) 
The Revellions - Sighs (Give It Time LP) 
Rob Hoeke R&B Group - Margio (Havoc From Holland LP) 
Knee-jerk Reactions - Want You To Love Me (The Indestructible Sounds Of......LP) 
Blondie - (I'm always touched by your) Presence Dear (Atomic, Best Of Blondie LP) 
Green - Radio Caroline (Power Pop Vol.5 LP) 
Beulah - A Good Man Is Easy To Kill (The Coast Is Never Clear LP) 
The Forty Nineteens - She Just Moved On (No Expiration Date LP) 
Big Star - O My Soul (#1 Record LP) 
The Deal - Hopi (Single) 
The Stoneage Hearts - First Kiss (Hung Up(On You) LP) 
Braddock Station Garrison - Any Day, Any Way (A Hint Of Recognotion LP) 
Chairmen Of The Board - Give Me Just A Little MoreTime (Single) 
Paula Durante - Baby You're Not My Kind (Single) 
The Glories - I worship You Baby (Single) 
The Mandates - Katie, Katie, Katie (In The Back Of Your Heart LP) 
Nervous Talk - Sasha (Nervous Talk LP) 
Mark and The Spies - Everything I Need (Mark And The Spies LP


The Surfaris - Wipeout (The Surfaris LP) 
The Beatles - Please Mister Postman (With The Beatles LP) 
Rolling Stones - Come On (Single) 
RAF - Want You To Know (Single 
The Shining Stars - Day After Day (Single) 
Teenage Fanclub - Sometimes I don't Need To believe in Anything (Manmade LP) 
The Ramones - Pet Sematary (Anthology LP) 
The Unswept - Super Sad (The Unswept Today LP) 
The Manics - From A Distance (Single) 
Phenomenal Cat - Satelites (Single) 
Best Coast - Heaven Sent (California Nights LP) 
Caroline And The Treats - Bad Boyfriend (Saturday Night, Rock & Roll LP) 
Billy Thompson - Black Eyed Girl (Single) 
Bitch Boys - Rat Pfink Theme (Ride The First Wave LP) 
Second Saturday - What You Get (Heres The Deal LP) 
The Unswept - (You Can) Do The Math (The Unswept Today LP) 
Attic Lights - Known Outsider (Orbison Single) 
Broken Family Band - I See How You Are (Balls LP) 
Phil Yates And The Afilliates - Burn It Down Bernadette (No Need To Beg LP) 
Adam Marsland - Something Someone For Nothing (Single) 
Katie Hallam - How Could It Be (Young But Wise LP) 
King Jartur And His Lords - La Criatura (Single)


Terry and Jerry - Mama Julie (Forever Mod LP) 
Little Clara and Les Chacalas - Tu Es ma Seule Idole (Un Pas Apres L'Autre LP) 
The Stairs - Squashed Tomato Stomp (Single) 
The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville (Single) 
Farrah - Hopelessly Devoted (Me Too LP) 
Finkers - Girls Are Comin' Down (Fresh Set-O-Prints LP) 
The Corner Laughers - Queen Of The Meadow (Matilda Effect LP) 
Adam Dennis - Your So Mean (PB100 LP) 
Yellowstone UK - We Justt Dun The Caff (Single) 
Tennis - Marathon (Cape Dory LP) 
Sancho - Cooler (What If EP 
Miles Over Matter - Official Paradise (The Anthology 80 - 82) 
Ken Stringfellow - Find Yourself Alone (Touched LP) 
Red Temples - Intrepid (Queen/Spring/Intrepid LP) 
Kelly's Heels - Popboomerang (PB100 LP) 
The Cavaliers - Hold On To My Baby (Single) 
The Who - Doctor Doctor (A Quick One While He's Away LP) 
Blasting Fondas - I'm Not In Love (Slightly Bruised LP) 
Green Circles - Turned To Stone (Single) 
Long Tall Shorty - Win Or Lose (The Unsung Heroes 1978 - 81 LP)


The Jam - Art School (In The City LP) 
Best Coast - Feeling OK (California Nights LP) 
Ramma Lamma - Ice Cream (Single) 
The Playmates - If (Listen! LP) 
New York Dolls - Trash (New York Dolls LP) 
Brand New Sinclairs - Don't Call Again (This is Brand New Sinclairs And Other Chronicles LP) 
The Manics - Everybody Knows (Please Panic....It's The Manics LP) 
The Beatpack - Where The Water Runs Deep (Single) 
The Baron Four - Walking Out (Single) 
Caravelles - Lovin' Just My Style (Boulders Vol.1 Comp. LP) 
The Specials - A Message To You Rudy (The Specials LP) 
Phil Ajjarapu - Talk (Sing Along Until You Feel Better LP) 
Wade Jackson - Carolina (Whisky Alpha Delta Echo LP) 
Rocket Bureau - Something Wrong (Low Times High Anxiety LP) 
Tina & The Total Babes - That's The Way I Want It (It's Tina Time LP) 
The Pictures - Leave Me Alone (Better Than Words LP) 
Os Noctambulos - Outsider (Single) 
Outsiders - Do You feel Alright (Havoc From Holland LP) 
The Lambrettas - Another Day, Another Girl (Page 3) (Beat Boys In The Jet Age LP) 
Pseudonym - Art School Lady (Revolving Door LP) 
Wade jackson - If You Change Your Mind (Whisky Alpha Delta Echo LP) 
The Running Jumps - If You Want My Love (Never Surrender - Cheap Trick Tribute LP)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #82


The Snails - Five Years Ahead Of My Time (The Snails LP)
Grass-Show - Out Of The Void (Something Smells Good In Stinksville LP)
Phenomenal Cat - Letters Home From Nazi Occupied France (Postcards From The British Empire LP)
The Kumari - Her Heart Of Stone (Sandgate Sound 2013)
Muck And The Mires - You Can't Run (Dial M For Muck LP)
Supersiders - Raining In Town (Single)
Little Clara and Les Chacals -Chacal Twist (Un Pas Apres L'Autre LP)
Mr Day - Caveman (Dry Up In The Sun LP)
Fountains Of Wayne - Better Things (Rarities And B Sides LP)
Nick Piunti - Heart Stops Beating (Beyond The Static LP)
Pseudonym - Saving A Place For You (Revolving Door LP)
The Movements - Inside Your Mind (Single)
Supertonic Sound Club - LIttle Boy (Single)
Adam Marsland - No One's Ever Going To Hear This Song (The Owl And The Full Moon LP)
Little Clara And Les Chacals - Dimanche En Vers (Un Pas Apres L'Autre LP)
The Bluetones - If (Return To The Last Chance Saloon LP)
Soul Hooligan - Sweet Pea (Blow Up A Go Go Vol.1 LP)
Three Four Teens - Four Teen Till We Die (Single)
The Dustaphonics - Party Girl (Single)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More Radio Show #81

Generation X - Ready Steady Go (Perfect hits 75 -81 LP)
Inspiral Carpets - Find Out Why (Cool As LP)
Grass Show - Talk, Talk, Talk (Something Smells Good In Stinksville LP)
The Lost Boys - I Fall For Everyone (Single)
The Undertones - Get Over You (Single)
Dave & The Diamonds - Think About Love (Rare Mod Vol.3 LP)
TC Folkpunk - Take A look Around You (TC Folkpunk LP)
Katie Hallam - Don't You Ever Call (Young And Wise LP)
The Dentists - Mary Won't Come (Some People are On The Pitch LP)
The Fire Apes - Don't Break My Heart (A Life In Letters LP)
Cosmic Rough Riders - The Loser (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine LP)
The Flamin' Groovies - You Tore Me Down (Groovies Greatest Grooves LP)
The Posies - I may Hate You Sometimes (Faliure 15th Anniversary LP)
Cracker - Movie Star (Kerosene Hat LP)
The Monkees - Valleri (The Definitive Monkees LP)
Dee Rangers - Rebound Guy (Take Me Home EP)
The Insiders - I'm Just A Man (Single)
Kurt Baker Combo - Want You Back (Muy Mola Live LP)
Simon Douge - Don't Follow This Way (Single)
The Kite Collectors - Eileen Of The Wet Dream (Single)
The Bottle Kids - Such A Thrill (Such A Thrill LP)
Caddy Feat. Janne Hea - Bring It Back (Single)
The Madcaps - High School Troublemaker (The Madcaps LP)
The Small Faces - Own Up Time (Small Faces LP)

Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More Radio Show #80

Frank & Walters - After All (Trains, Boats and Planes LP) 
Beulah - Popular mechanics For Lovers (The Coast Is Never Clear LP) 
Big Boss Man - Humanize (Blow Up A Go Go Vol.1 LP) 
Aerial - Great Teenager (Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School LP) 
The Parasites - You Make Me Feel Good ( Non Stop Power Pop Vol.1 LP) 
Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon (The Real Ramona LP) 
Surf School Droputs - Destination Sunshine (Second Nature LP) 
Bitch Boys - Twenty Thousand Leagues (Ride The First Wave LP) 
Sham 69 - If The Kids Are United (Single) 
The Buzzcocks - Just Lust (Love Bites LP) 
The Action - Baby You've Got It (The Action LP) 
The Royal Playboys - Arabia (Single) 
Judy Street - What (Single) 
Muscle Souls - Love My Babys Love (Mark On The World LP) 
The Supernaturals - Something To believe In (360 LP) 
Adam Marsland - Power Pop Days (The Owl And The Full Moon LP) 
Surf School Dropouts - Should Have Known Better (Second Nature LP) 
New Mendicants - If Only You knew her (into The Lime LP) 
Tommy Sistak - Think About Me (Short Songs LP) 
The Selecter - Three Minute Hero (Single) 
Speakeasy - It Doesn't Matter To Me (Trouble LP) 
David Bowie and The Lower Third - Can't Help Thinking About Me (Single)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dany Laj and The Looks - Word On The Street. NEW ALBUM

Montreal based Dany Laj and The Looks have released a new album that will have you salivating at every track. “Word On The Street” has its feet firmly rooted in Power Pop but has no qualms about drifting off in tangents towards rock and roll, country, surf, even a bit of Clash styled Reggae. That is not to say that this album is all over the place, it isn’t, it is perfectly crafted and comes together beautifully.
Track One, “Small Town Kid” is a classic Power Pop affair, written about songwriter Dany growing up in a small town in Northern Canada. in my experience, living in Sweden, some of the best musicians here come from small towns where there is little to do and after finding music and deciding to play music, they become incredibly good musicians and songsmiths, and that, is certainly true in the case of Dany Laj. All the songs on this album are well crafted, energetic and filled with more hooks than an Ikea warehouse, melodies that will draw you in and engage you into singing along, long before you are even slightly familiar with the lyrics. Dany Laj is ably backed by Jeanette Dowling on the bass and backing vocals and Lewis Handford on Drums, a better rhythm section you couldn’t ask for This album is made up of ten tracks that are all killer with no fillers among them and will certainly be topping the end of year lists by radio stations and bloggers alike.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #79


The Youth - Viscious (Nothing But The.... LP)
Thee Milkshakes - I'll Use Evil (The Knights Of Trashe LP)
The Yardbirds - I'm Not Talking (For Your Love LP)
The Popdogs - Kissin' Alicia (Cool Cats For Podogs LP)
Ride - Like A Daydream (Single)
Redd Kross - Ugly Town (Show World LP)
Roy Head - Treat Her Right (Single)
The Paragons - The Tide Is High (Single)
Best Coast - When I'm With You (Single)
Jared Lekite - Five Seperate Lives (Single)
The Supernaturals- My Sweet George (360 LP)
James Clark - Blow Up A Go Go (Blow Up A Go Go Vol.1 LP)
The Allusions - Looks Like Trouble (Anthology 1966 - 1968 LP)
T.C Folkpunk - Whenever I sink My Teeth Into You
Kurt Baker - Don't Steal My Heart Away (Single)
The Yum Yums - If I Ever See You Again (Whatever Rhymes With Baby LP)
Psychotic Youth - Elevator Girl (Single)
Al Wilson - The Snake (Single)
Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor (Single)
Wesley Fuller - Melvista (Single)
Red Temples - Spring (Queen/Spring/Intrepid LP)
King Jartur And His Lords - Talulah Does The Hula (Single)
Dot Dash - Rainclouds (Earthquakes And Tidal Waves LP)
The Left Banke - She May Call You Up Tonight (There's Gonna Be A Storm LP)
Blondie - Dreaming (Eat To The Beat LP)
The Loons - Miss Clara Regrets (Single)
The Mobbs - My Erotic Thought (Garage Punk For Boys LP)
The Thanes - Dishin' The Dirt (Dishin' The Dirt LP)
The Arrogants - Mr Devil (Introducing..... LP)
The Yardbirds - My Girl Sloopy (The Yardbirds LP)