Friday, October 21, 2011

THE BLUE SQUARES - HARD TIMES Free album download

Download the album for free HERE

Another album I stumbled upon recently from a band that deserve your attention!


The Blue Squares emerge from Detroit's underground rock scene with their debut album, Hard Times. Featuring 10 songs reminiscent of The Kinks, The Zombies and MC5, the long-player draws from the sounds of an era long past, but eternally cherished for its cultivation of timeless music. From their beginnings as a 3-piece known as The Wednesdees, the group has since matured into a quartet while continuing to channel legendary underground rock bands from the Sixties and gaining comparisons to such contemporaries as The Greenhornes and The Len Price 3. The evidence of misfortune in Detroit is sadly difficult to avoid, and all too obvious. Using the dilapidated city as a backdrop, Hard Times delivers a sound full of grit and determination that speaks to both the city’s past and future.

Take the sound of early recordings of The Kinks, The Animals or The 
Doors.  Now add more power to the drums and more fuzz to the guitar
and you have The Blue Squares. Their new album Hard Times is going 
to make you proud of the musical talent and vision Detroit has to 
offer. With a '60s garage rock sound, this quintet harkens back to the 
days when music was simpler. They'll have you singing along in your 
car and entertaining the thought of pursuing a career as an 
international spy. 

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