Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Martial Arts - Your Sinclair (2006) FREE DOWNLOAD

Probably one of the greatest power pop albums you will ever get for free!  I love this album and still can't understand why the band gave it away for free, it really is a classic from start to finish. If you don't have it, get it, you'll love it!

Free Download here

What others have said about the record:

"The Martial Arts are in a blissful time warp that traps bands between the 60s and the present day. Equally excellent, check out both "Summer Tweed" and "Finale" to get your daily dose of radiant, sunshiny indiepop." -LOOSE RECORD

“As fortune would have it this album landed with me a matter of days after I narrowly missed seeing them live. A shame really as this is a thoroughbred collection of quality guitar driven pop. The production coupled with a generous use of keys - from theremin to synths - keeps the sound fresh making the influences harder to pin down. 'Contemptuous Disdain' is good example that mixes everything up well and even features a hint of ska. Upbeat opener 'Murry & Audree' is reminiscent of 60s beat but could just as easily be pulling from mid seventies Flamin' Groovies. Not that it matters, it’s three and a half minutes of timeless pop. Don’t Want to Talk continues in the same vain. Four songs in and 'Frost' changes tack a bit - a not quite ballad anchored by piano. Straight away 'Mod Val' kicks in and accelerates away as the guitars are reasserted in something of a punk out. 'Summer Tweed' is another stand out bit of tunesmithery from Paul Kelly - California style pop conceived in Northern Europe. Talking of which, this would have probably been my album for the summer months if it was not already pissing October.” - IS THIS MUSIC?

“Jaw on floor, dancing boots in turbo, absolutely marvellous, marvellous stuff. Expect great things - if not, you’ve only your damn selves to blame.” - THE SKINNY

“I’ve had this album on repeat since I got it!” – Lennart Wrigholm,

“An enchanting pop explosion” – Lisa Olaison, Sundsvalls Tidning

“Buy This Record!” – Dalademokraten

“The Martial Arts are the creators of this years indie summer” – Arbetarbladet

“Amazing melodies....the sky is the limit for The Martial Arts” – Groove Magazine

“Almost perfect” - Falu Kuriren, Borlänge Tidning

"An extremely recommendable disc for all"

"The first words on this great album, are also my last - “Listen up to good advice” - listen to The Martial Arts." -Will Campbell,

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