Sunday, July 28, 2013

Adam Daniel - Pop Baby

I find I often refer to music I love as "Sunny" music,  by which I mean that sitting in the garden, in the countryside or by the sea, that the music compliments the warmth and beauty of my surroundings and instantly gives me a totally feel good state of mind.
So, it is somewhat of a surprise to be sitting inside on a grey, wet Sunday morning in Sweden that I should be listening to an album that evokes all of those feelings, but Adam Daniel's latest album, "Pop Baby" does just that, maybe no surprise with an opening track entitled "Summers Coming?"

Self declared control freak, Adam creates music which he describes as a mash up of Elton John piano, glam rock guitars, Beach Boys vocal stacks and new wave synth candy which are all of his favourite things.

The music and songs remind me a little of Ken Stringfellows "Touched" album, well crafted music and meaningful lyrics, I sometimes get flashes of Fountains of Wayne and even a smattering of ELO, add that to Adams "mash ups" and we end up with an extremely colourful album, bright, sunny, warm and fuzzy.

Adam is entirely responsible for every element of this album, from the songwriting, arranging, producing, performing, recording, mixing and mastering in which he seems to have excelled in every aspect with the finished product  being a well polished affair of 13 great songs.

Adam's last release was "Blue Pop" in 1999 which I have also been listening too which is every bit as good as "Pop Baby" which leads to the question, why so long between records, especially when the first album got such great reviews, "All Music guide" said "It is among the best guitar-pop albums of the 90's." Adam does give a reason for this in the Bio section of his website, however, I would rather sit here contentedly listening to this album and think to myself that the best things take time and are worth waiting for.

 Photo by Paul Beauchemin

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