Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vegas With Randolph - Rings Around The Sun.

"Rings Around The Sun" is the third long player from this Washington quintet and like the previous  albums this one is an absolute marvel to behold for lovers of Power Pop.
 Like the bands second album "Above The Blue" and the first self titled album, this little nugget is chock full of crafty hooks, licks, melodies, harmonies and the bands lyrics are second to none, this album finds the band at the top of their game. 

 Whilst their contemporaries maybe holding the spotlight, they had better keep a close eye behind them, because VWR are snapping at their heels with this album.

The album contains 14 tracks of pure Power Pop and whilst I sometimes think, personally, that 10 tracks is the perfect quantity for an album,, on arrival at track 14, I can't help wishing that there were a couple more to follow.  That said, I am more than content with this album and over the moon with this band.

I am sure that I will get great mileage from this album, at the very least, 435,000 miles....which is the approximate circumference of the sun and with the added rings, well, who knows?

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(If you don't have the first two albums, you can, and should, go for the package including the whole lot and more!)

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