Friday, February 3, 2017

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #175

The Raspberries - I Don't Know What I Want (Greatest LP)
The Who - Whisky Man (A Quick One LP)
The Fleshtones - Do You Swing (Do You Swing LP)
The Yum Yums - Be My Baby (Sweet As Candy LP)
Impo And The Tents - Pop Secret (Single)
The Bopp - Power My Pop (Single)
The Tomboys - All Dressed Up (Single)
Stiletto Boys - Time Stands Still (Liberator LP) (RIP Sean Wolfe)
Young Fresh Fellows - Young Fresh Fellows Theme (The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific North West LP)
Denny Smith - Hyde (An Overnight Low LP)
Original Sins - Difference Since Yesterday (Radio Friendly/Turn You On LP)
The Forz - A Shot Of Rythm And Blues (Single)
The Searchers - Bumble Bee (The Searchers LP)
Blue Ash - She's So Nice (15 Number Ones In A Perfect World LP)
Nytroglycerine - Behind The Scenes (Single)
Jagger Holly - Can't Surf (DJ Free Europe LP)
Suzy Y Los Quattro - Here We Go Again (Single)
Gary Ritchie - Subtle As A Freight Train (Poptimistic LP)
Trolley - Thursday Girl (Caught In The Darkness LP)
The Green Pajamas -  Ten Million Light Years Away (To The End Of The Sea LP)
The Difficult Stranger - Sa Akong Dughan (Creepy Valentine LP)

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