Saturday, March 23, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #286

The Small Faces - I'm Only Dreaming (Single)
The Flatmates - Heaven Is Blue (Potpourrie; Hits Mixes and Demos LP)
Larry Lachmann - Crawl On Back (Rocking Road (ICMPP Comp)
The Undertones - (She's A) Runaround (The Undertones 30th Anniversary)
The Pooh Sticks - Working On A Beautiful Thing (Optimistic Fool LP)
Foundlings - Caught Up (Foundlings LP
Rooney - Holdin' On (Eureka LP)
Extra Arms - Push The Button  (Headacher LP)
Dom Clark Trio - Yes Man
Vanilla - Monkey Punch (Mystik Knights Of Tacoma LP)
The Old 97's - Rollerskate Skinny (Satellite Rides LP)
Tess - Poder Cantar (Atlas............LP)
Caesars - Let My Freak Flag Fly (Love For The Streets LP)
Family Values - Sayonara Eyes (Single)The Details - Romania Is For Sale (To Charles Dickens and Back LP)
The Soup Dragons - Girl In The World (Head Gone Astray EP)
Curt Boettcher - Know IT All (Misty Mirage LP)
Gleeson - You Can Have It All (The Years Have IT LP)
Jason Lee and The R.I.P Tides - Medusas Clam Shack (Monsters and Mai Tides LP)
Fuzzy Vox - Great Balls Of Fire (Masters Technicolour LP)

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