Thursday, March 26, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #339

Buster - Sunday (Buster LP)
Batteries Not Included - She Drives Me (Hey Hey Hey LP)
The Decibels - Kiss Me Carolynne (Big Sounds Again LP) 
Lucy and The Rats - Dark Clouds (Single) 
Paul Melancon - Permanent Makeup (The Get Gos Action Hour LP) 
Canine 10 - Roses Are Red (Nonsense LP) 
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Just Like Me (The Essential LP)
Justine's Black Threads - Needles and Pins (Cheap Vacation LP)
The Pretty Shirts - Can't Get Enough (A Few Seconds LP)
Daniel Wylie - That Was The Day (Hit The Hay Compilation Vol.10)
Surf Katz - Pacific Vibe (Single)
Super 8 - Bebopalula (Single)
Pete Milo - Activation (Ice Cream Man Ice Cream and Daydreams LP)
The Bloody Hollies - Ice Cream Truck (Got It Where It Counts LP)
Dan Vapid - Gimme Gimme Gimme Ice Cream (All Wound Up LP)
The Andersons - Goody Good Ice Cream Man (Right To Chews LP)
Phil Yates and The Affiliates - Cream 5 (Single)
Nick Frater - Fruit Punches (Goodbye Kayfabe LP)
The Blues Busters - Tell Me Why (Single)
Los Padrinos! - Comic Strip (Single)
Edwin Starr - Headline News (Single)

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