Friday, December 27, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show from Christmas Day!

Originally aired on Radio Andra in Sweden 25th December 2013.

Jackie Edwards - I feel So Bad, The Mockers - There's now war on xmas when xmas is in your heart, Fuzzy Vox - Man Of Solution, Charlie Watts Riots - The Christmas Fit,  Rooni - Electricity, Helen Love - Hark The Herald Angels, RAF - Ready Steady Go, The Forty Nineteens - I'm The One, The Brigadier - Santa Claus, The Plastic Pals - A Couple Of Minutes, The Swapsies - Another Game On Saturday, The Quiz Kids - I want You To Know,  Pete Donolly - Merry Christmas This Year, The Clocktower - Skip It Up Fandango, The Zags - Bridges Of 1987, The Gants - You can't blow smoke rings, Game Theory - Erica's World, Rudolphs Nightmare - Silent Night.

Thank you very much to all the followers of the blog and seasons greeting and a happy new year to all of you.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show archive #11.

The archive or the latest show featuring some new power pop, 60's, Mod, northern soul and much much more!


The Parasites - Words to tell you 
The Supernaturals - Tomato Man 
The Blendours - Teenage Drag Queen 
Red Button - Hopes Up 
Doug Powell - Feel For You 
The Litter - Action Woman 
The Marvelous Beauhunks - Who said the kids are alright? 
Long Tall Shorty - Win Or Lose 
Radio City - Little Runaway 
The Booze - Kick me where it hurts 
30 Amp Fuse - Sorry 
Velvet Crush - Atmosphere 
The Parasites - 
Paul Anka - Can't help loving you. 
The Bluetones - It's a Boy 
The Beat Rats - Even Steven 
True Hearts - Trust me Candy 
Tommy Keene - On the runway 
Zakary Thaks - Can you hear your Daddy's footsteps 
Elvis Costello - Olivers Army

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More on Radio Andra. #10

This show was originally aired on Swedish radio, 4th December, one day late due to technical problems at the station on the 3rd.

Featuring music by:

The Yum Yums,The Singletons,The Hollies, The Moonstones, Baby Scream, B-Back, The Ackermans, Barry and The Remains, Arvidson, Big Star, Speakeasy, Small Faces, The Smoggers, Phenomenal Cat, Nervous Twitch, Building Rockets, Seaweed Meadows
The Agony Aunts, Shane Martin, The Makeouts and The Lackloves.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #9 Radio Andra.

Originally aired on Radio Andra 26th November 2013

James Brown - Night Train 
The Pengwins - Life After High School 
The Cool Whips - Bomm Shang a Lamg 
The Pinebocks - Success (Famous in Sweden) 
Len Price 3 - My Granddad Jim 
Silver Sun - There Goes Summer 
The Sha La Las - Twenty Five 
Mikey and The Drags - Evil One 
Walter Clevenger and The Dairy Kings - Thats when you come back 
Connie Clark - My Sugar Baby 
Utopia - I just want to touch you 
The Sorrows - Take a Heart 
The Broxton Hundred - Time 
The Gingerleys - Better Hearts 
Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians of The British Empire - Joe Strummers Grave 
The Wake Ups - You Make Me Nervous 
The Cool Whips - A Vague Sense Of Disatisfaction 
Caddy - Hanging On To Nothing 
The Oranges - Teenage Pop 
Surf School Dropouts - Ebb and Flow

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show. Broadcast on Swedish Radio 19th November 2013


The Who - So Sad about Us
The Mergers - Take a look at me
The Sensibles - Confetti
Paperjets - Green Eyed Girl
Speakeasy - Trouble
Mikey and The Drags - Solstice
The Yearning - See You Again
The What Gives - Seven Wonders Of Love
The Vapors - Trains
The Teddy Boys - Things that you do
Swedish Polarbears - Norman Blake
The Mascots - Words enough to tell you
Squires of the subterranean - Minutes before the destruction
Sorrows - Baby
Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
Research Turtles - Space
The Pozers - Space Car
Peachfuzz - So Why Not Now
Paul Collins - Kings of Power Pop

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More, Radio Andra show #7

Broadcast on Radio Andra, Sweden, 12th November 2013, featuring music from:

The Young Sinclairs 
The Ugly Ducklings 
Angel Kaplan 
The Nevers 
Second Saturday 
The Outcasts 
The Henchmen 
The Coral 
The Sensibles 
The Apples in Stereo 
Redd Kross 
Teenage Fanclub 
The Soul Engines 
The Bristols 
The Mockers 
Vibeke Saugestad 
The Sorry Kisses 
Elephant Stone 
The Shazam