Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grass-Show - Something Smells Good in Stinksville

Grass Show (often written Grass~Show®) were a Britpop-inspired indie band from Sweden, active in the mid to late 1990s. They released one album in the United Kingdom, Something Smells Good In Stinkville, in 1997, with three singles, "1962", "Freak Show" and "Out Of The Void". The album contains a cover version of the Ace of Base song, "All That She Wants".
The artwork for their releases was notable as it often portrayed imagery of 1950s American families, which were juxtaposed with surreal and absurd elements. For example, the sleeves for the "1962" single has images of families cooking trainers.

Never mind the title. Grass-Show's debut album Something Smells Good in Stinkville is an infectious fusion of stylish Brit-pop, quirky new wave, punchy '70s power-pop and breezy Euro-pop. The band's strength is their melodic sensibilities, and while their clever lyrics can come across as smug, the light, frothy hooks and melodies are positively effervescent.

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  1. You've been posting some great stuff lately. I already have this on CD, so I don't need to download it, but I'm glad to see it getting some love.

  2. I saw this band back in Brighton before they released this album and I was really blown away by them! Since I have been living in Sweden I have seen a lot of bands in the style of a lot of English bands, but Grass-Show are definitely one of the best Swedish bands I have seen live....they were great fun!

  3. I envy your living in Sweden. For such a small country, they sure do have a lot of great bands.

  4. Alas though, Grass-Show are no longer together, but there are some great bands here, but there are some brilliant bands everywhere! I believe you are in Spain, right? If so, there is an excellent Power Pop, Mod scene there that I am very jealous of too! ;)