Friday, January 6, 2012


Vegas with Randolph are:  John Ratts, Eric Kern, Dave Purol, Dan Aylestock, and Brock Harris.

The first question that came to me when I received this album for review was, "Who is Randolph then?" None of the band members are called Randolph!  Of course, after a few seconds of looking at the cover, I soon forgot about Randolph anyway!
The band have been compared to bands such as Fountains of Wayne, Fastball, Sloan and suchlike and on the album opener "The Better Part," you could also add Luna to that list too, a song with searing guitars and some brilliant catchy vocal arrangements that would entice any listener to track two and beyond without any hesitation.

The albums title track "Above the blue" starts off with a keyboard riff reminiscent of something The Beatles would have come up with and then goes off somewhere completely different with more great guitar hooks, and powerful vocals, in fact this 20 track album delivers cracking power pop from start to finish, I am playing the album now for the umpteenth time and I don't see that abating anytime soon, well, only to take it to the car as this album would also make for excellent driving music.

The album is nearly all up tempo, unabridged power pop, save for a couple power pop ballads, if that is the right description for them?

In conclusion, this is an album of well crafted, catchy tunes, great vocal arrangements, a nod and a wink to some of our heroes in the world of power pop and certainly a band to keep your eye on and ears open to.  Of course with every upside to a band there has to be a downside and in Vegas With Randolph's case, the downside is you need to buy 2 cds, one for the home and one for the car, thank God for MP3s eh!

You can contact "Vegas with Randolph" here: FACEBOOK MYSPACE

You can purchase "Above the Blue" on AMAZON CDBABY or you can buy a great package that includes a CD + a T-Shirt  + a digital download of the album with bonus tracks (this sorts out the car and home copies) - for a special low price! Includes immediate download of 20-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire on the bands FACEBOOK page.

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  1. Not bad. They've got a bunch of songs posted on Youtube. I'll have to listen to more when I get a chance.

  2. Hi Kishin, Yes, do check them out, the album really is a great listening experience, a lot of the tracks on Youtube are from previous releases and not tracks from this album, but also very much worth listening to.