Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Kaams - Debut album this month!

I have recently featured several bands from Spain that have a real flair for the execution of great sixties garage punk sounds, well, it would appear that Italy have some flair in that field too, they are The Kaams and they are on the verge of releasing their debut album "Uwaga!" which promises to be a rather exceptional debut, one that we are really looking forward to hearing and reviewing on the blog.

The Kaams come out screaming from Bergamo (Italy) in fall 2009, started as a duo piece by Andrea Carminati (vocals/guitar) and Marcello Giannelli (drums), the band released its first Ep “She’s a Killer” in march 2010 on Bedo Records/Dirty Water Digit Records.
At the end of the same year a new 7'' split titled "Chose Your Coffin - The Kaams vs The Monolithics" was released on Boss Hoss Records and distributed by Area Pirata.

After several line-up changes Andrea has finally met the right mates: Marco Facheris (guitar), Alberto Mafessoni (bass) and Tiziano Carozzi (drums).
2012 is a busy and exciting year, a lot of gigs all around Italy, a German tour completed in May and most of all the long-awaited 12 tracks full length album that will be out in June, once again on Area Pirata/Boss Hoss Records.
"UWAGA! is a perfect mix of r’n’b, garage, punk, blues nuances and melodies,
a time bomb ready to explode" (cit.)
Photo by Francesco Pucciarelli
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