Monday, June 4, 2012

The Past Tense - Take Three

Take Three is the debut album from Kingston/ Worcester Park Mod/Power Pop band The Past Tense.

If I had a box of nails, this album would hit every single one of them on the head!  I grew up loving bands like The Jam, The Chords, Prisoners, Milkshakes etc, and so to, quite clearly, did Andy, Ken and Nuts.
Opening track "Feeling Bad" wouldn't be out of place on The Jam's All Mod Cons album.  The song is about a bad relationship and the sigh of relief when it is over, delivered with all the energy and passion you would expect from Mr Weller himself.
One of the standout tracks, and there are many of these, on the  album is "Jimmy's Love Song" which as you may guess is a tribute to Quadrophenia and The Who.  This song and tribute is is executed with real flair and Ken's bass work is excellent, you could almost imagine that Mr Entwistle had stepped in for the session.....which obviously we knew he couldn't have!!
The Past Tense don't just revel in the late 70's and early 80's Mod revival Power Pop sound, there is clearly a love of 60's garage which you can hear on tracks like The Wolfman for which this excellent video was made.

Not by any means a young band,THE PAST TENSE offer a very welcome alternative to the dour state of current musical fads by offering an enthusiastic, energetic and exciting take on the Power pop/mod revival sound of the 80"s and a lively and fun nod to the Garage greats, Past and Present. 

All in all this is a really great debut album from the band, they clearly wear their influences openly and proudly on their sleeves....and rightly so!

"Take Three" is a limited pressing of just 200 albums and from the interest I have seen on this album, they will be sold out very quickly, so if you like what you see, hear and read, order yourself a copy without delay!

 The Past Tense are playing live Friday 8th of June at the "12 Bar" Denmark Street in London. The band are on at 11.00pm.  It is an ace venue, the smallest stage in London and the place is a sweat box when full, so if you are in the area then get down there and enjoy the party!

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