Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ice Cream Man guests for Mister Suave's Mod Mod World podcast show.

I was very kindly asked to make a return visit to "Mister Suave's Mod Mod World" with another guest host podcast, some of the songs crossed over onto my recent pilot podcast, but I think this one worked out a little better in terms of quality.  Please check it out, share it amongst friends and check out all the great shows that Mister Suave does as well.

Full track listing:

The Above - The girl with the peacock tattoo
The Solicitors - Pretty Penny
Mark and The Spies - Please Think it over
Nick Piuntin - 13 in my head 
The Pinecones - Kimbererley Keep
The Most - I Don't want it
The Sympathy - When The Sun Goes Down
The Riots - Out Of Control 
The Shade - Tommy aint your thief
Shelta - Faraday
Stephen Lawrenson - Words to say
Souvenir Stand - Days I spent with you
Bobby Fuller Four - Magic Touch
The Judes - Let's fall in love again
Attic Lights - Say You love me

Check out Mister Suave's Mod Mod World shows here: http://www.mistersuave.com

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