Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Grimm Generation - The Big Fame. OUT NOW!

"The Big Fame" is the second full length release from this Connecticut outfit and this release finds the band shifting up to top gear and pressing the accelerator firmly to the floor.

Carmen Champagne and Jason P Krug started the band as an outlet for suburban tales of menace that they came to recognize. Love lust and longing, addiction, poverty and lives lived online all became fuel for the duo's form or carnal rock.

With the new album the band continue to identify the oddities of modern life in society, Carmen's distinctive vocals add a somewhat haunting touch to the proceedings, which is lifted by Jason's driving acoustic guitar to a less scary place.....until you listen to the lyrics of course.

I have been a fan of The Grimm Generation since my first listen, immediately hooked onto the concept of the "Grimm Twins" (as Carmen and Jason refer to themselves) song writing and of course, with their chosen subject matter for their music, we are assured a longevity for the band and for that I am actually grateful that society is a little bit odd, well, very odd, but "Rock 'N' Roll" all the same.

I asked Carmen and Jason to pick a song off the album and tell us something exclusively about it, they chose the albums second track "The Next Indie Boy," but before we hear what they have to say, let's take a listen to the song.


The Grimm Twins on 'The Next Indie Boy'
(Jason) What we tend to write about is what we know. So were light on GeoPolitics (as we aren't especially bright) and tend to have faith in the The Sex and The Drugs and The Rock And Roll versus The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And, on occasion, we will write about each other.
(Carmen) Hmm, right...on occasion.
(Jason) 'The Next Indie Boy' was a song Carmen wrote while observing a long online break up between me and an ex. The idea was a song for the ex stating 'don't worry about it. Another singer will come along...'. Which I did not appreciate. was so good. The lyrics so perfectly capture that morning/mourning after effect of a break up, when all the memories are fresh and the ex's things still fill your bedroom. More specific, the line about 'your work shirt lying around...' which I thought nailed that feeling in real time.
(Carmen) Indeed, Jason's break up was the inspiration, but it could have been me or any number of women who find they want to move on from a relationship but they just can't let go of what could have been. The gamut of emotions, from despair to indignation to flat out frustration of not being able to move on that you feel during that time runs alongside the chorus (I just can't shake it) quite nicely, I think.
(Jason) Bringing the band in to the studio for 'The Next Indie Boy', we amped it up, faster, more driving, more Rock and Roll...and came up with a sound that can't be compared to any bands I know, but purely pop music. (Carmen) The overlay of words that Jason came up with in the bridge, the 'he says" version of the story, is just two sentences. That, to me, was delicious as it fit the dynamic of an unrequited love so wonderfully: growing the object of affection into a myth. Meanwhile, the myth already has his hands up another skirt.
(Jason) Regarding the video, its a tribute / obvious rip off of The Replacements 'Left Of The Dial' video.
(Carmen) Always go for the cheap thrill.

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