Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #46

Originally aired on Radio Andra, Sweden, 13th August 2014.

Elvis Costello - Olivers Army (Single) 
Jack Johnson - No Good With Faces (To The Sea LP) 
The Solicitors - Pretty Penny (Blank Cheque LP) 
New Mystery Girl - Pirate Radio (Twist City LP) 
The Alarm - 68 Guns (Single) 
RAF - Ready Steady Go (Come On LP) 
The Anydays - Backyard (Beatlesque Again LP) 
Al Greene and The Soulmates - Don't Leave Me (Single) 
New Mystery Girl - Christmas Outta Site (Single) 
The Starkwells - Believe (Take The Money And Run LP) 
The Cry - Wouldn't Last/Be True Medley (Live) 
Paul Messi - Nightmares (Single) 
Doc Thomas Group - I'll Be Doggone (Rare Mod Vol. 1 LP) 
The Go Wows - Gimme Some Fun (Single) 
Balduin - Love Is You (All In A Dream LP) 
Elephant Stone - Setting Sun (Elephant Stone LP) 
The Above - The Girl With The peacock Tattoo (Flake Out Single) 
Attic Lights - Never Get Sick Of The Sea (Friday Night Lights LP)

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