Friday, January 2, 2015

ce Cream Man Power Pop and more Xmas Special #65

#65 Xmas

Flipron - Skeletons on Holiday (Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties LP)
Eric Brao - On Holiday (Eric Brao LP)
RAF - Come On (Come On LP)
Fountains Of Wayne - Alien For Christmas (Rarities and B Sides LP)
Shonen Knife - All I Want For Christmas (All I Want For Christmas EP)
The Ramones - Merry Christmas, I don't Want To Fight Tonight (Hey Ho Let's Go Anthology LP)
The Leonards - Father Christmas (Garage Sale LP)
Mark Morris - Alcoholiday (Memory Muscle LP)
The Connection - West Coast (A Christmas Gift For LP)
The Jetset - Christmas Messages/What Can I say (Come On Peel The Noise LP)
New Mystery Girl - Christmas Outta Sight (Single)
Fountains Of Wayne - The Man In The Santa Suit (Rarities and B sides LP)
Joy Zipper - Christmas Song (American Whip LP)
The Jac - Sweet Tooth Ache (Single)
The Brigadier - The Day Before Christmas (Christmas Tales LP)
The Judes - It's Christmas Time (It's Christmas Time Single)
The Hopefuls - Holiday (The Hopefuls LP)
Weezer - Holiday (Blue Album LP)
Frank Sidebottom - Christmas Is really Fantastic (Single)
The Mockers - There's No War On Christmas (When Christmas is in Your Heart) (Single)