Friday, January 2, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and more radio show #64

The Plimsouls - Now (The Plimsouls Plus LP)
The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Flower Punk 1 LP)
The Men Of North Country - Pandora (The North LP)
The Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man (Get The Picture LP)
The Lost Boys - Losers Rock (Single)
The Pioneers - Long Shot Kick De Bucket (Single)
Phonograph - She Knows It (Phonograph Vol.1)
Hanky Panky - Queen Without A Crown (Precious Bitch Single)
The Rubinoos - Amnesia (Everything You Always Wanted To Know LP)
The Martial Arts - Mod Val (Your Sinclair LP)
The Hollies - Carrie Anne (Best Of The Hollies LP)
David Myhr - Looking For A life (Soundshine LP)
Lazy Eye - Killer ooh (Single)
The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (The Undertones LP)
Madness - Tazans Nuts (One Step Beyond LP)
The Roswells - What's Going On (The Roswells LP)
Cooper - Hipsters (UHF LP)
Morris Chestnut - Too Darn Soulful (Single)
Baby Scream - Loner (Fan Fan Fan LP)

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