Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #278

The Hicadoolas - Vangelis (Sympathy For The Ocean EP)
Richard Turgeon - Into Your Arms (9 Covers LP)
The Higher State - Dark Night Of The Soul (Single) Market Sq Records
Trip Wire - Act Fast (Single) Big Stir PP&M records
Arthur Alexander - One Bar Left (One Bar Left LP)
The Hicadoolas - Summer party (Sympathy For The Ocean EP)
Pulp - Babies (His And Hers LP)
The Jessica Fletchers - Shoot (Whatever Happened To? LP)
Baby Scream - Roundabouts (Things You Can Say To A Stranger EP)
Dreams Of Carnage - Sunday School (I'm In Your Garden LP)
Gene Pool and The Shallows - Norwegian Wood (Benefit Of Mr Kitesurfer LP)
The Honey Pot - Bewildered Jane (Bewildered Jane LP)
Marsmallow Overcoat - Marshmallow Theme (Songs From The Motion Picture All You need is Fuzz LP)
The Sunchymes - Emily Layne (Single)
Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself (100 Fun LP)
Supersaurus - Vape Heaven (Our First Cassette LP)
Pop - The Weight Of Something (3 EP)
David Woodard - I Used To Be Cool (I Used To Be Cool LP)
Marshmallow Overcoat - Half A Life (Songs From The Motion Picture All You need is Fuzz LP)

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