Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #68

Small Faces - Hey Girl (Small Faces LP)
Mark Britton - Hearts And Mind (Odds and Sodd LP)
Les Rivals - Glory Days (Les Rivals LP)
Blockhouses - One More Time To Get Home (One More Time to Get Home LP)
Leon Bridges - Better Man (Single)
The Young Sinclairs - Remember This Song (Single)
The Vibes - You Got The Vibes (Studio EP)
Howlln' Wolf - Howlin' for my baby (Single)
Madness - The Prince (One Step Beyond LP)
The Supernaturals - My Sweet George (360 LP)
Eurotrash - Live Slow Die Old (Single)
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman (Detroit Sounds LP)
The Plastic Invaders - Cherry Go Round (Single)
The Silent Union - Hurricane (Salvation EP)
Animal Daydream - Canyon Rose (Easy Pleasures EP)
Matthew Shacallis - Do You Love Me (Reach For The Stars EP)
The Plastic Pals - Riding With Elvis (Single)
The Vortex Buzz - Nothing Can Bring Me Down (Single)
Thee Wylde Fuzz - Stunner (Single)
The Specials - Doesn't Make It Alright (The Specials LP)
Ransom and The Subset - Girl I'm Not Afraid (No Time To Lose LP)
Matthew Shacallis - Summer Sun (Reach For The Stars EP)
The Campbell Apartment - I'm Free (Sundogs LP)
Scumbags - Cool (Single)
Talbot Adams - Green Girl (Single)
The Credits - Londons Calling (Standing In The Shadows EP)
The Great Affairs - The Next Three Minutes (Dream In Stereo LP)
The Shame - Gotta Hold On (Nederbeat Dutch Nuggets Vol.1 LP)
I Think Like Midnight - They're Calling For Possible Storms (They're Calling For Possible Storms LP)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #67

Barry Gray - Joe 90 Theme
The Safes - Ace For A Face (Single)
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Still Aging (Behind The Music LP)
The Kinks - Village Green Preservation Society (Village Green Preservation society LP)
The Time Sellers - Apathy(Take You Out) (Single)
Thee Wylde Fuzz - Thinking (Single)
The Credits - Shake Up The System (Standing In The Shadows EP)
The Britannicas - Lyin' On The Ground (High Tea LP)
Rick Hromadka - Twice A Sunny Day Tomorrow (Trippin' Dinosaurs LP)
The Hangabouts - November (Illustrated Bird LP)
The Fascinations - Girls Are Out To Get You (Single)
The New Fidelty - Right Track (The New Fidelity LP)
Hemmit - Pharmacy (Antimatter LP)
The Jam - Liza Radley (Demo) (Extras LP)
Cliff Hillis - Second Dimension (Be Seeing You LP)
Tommy Lorente - Queicque Part (live) (Amanita Sessions LP)
Rick Hromadka - Dreams Of A Hippie Summer (Trippin Dinosaus LP)
Deco Auto - One Of A Million (Eco Aut Single)
The Safes - Hopes Up, Guard Down (Single)
The Risk - Eyes Of Ice (Single)
The Whereabouts - I Don't Care (Single)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #66 BEST OF 2014

The Fallen Leaves - Passing By (If Only We'd Known LP) 
Cooper - Ideal (UHF LP) 
The Girls - Get Out Of My Dream (Let's Not Be Friends LP) 
Baludin - Autumn (Al In A Dream LP) 
Instant Flight - Will You Think Of Me (Around the gates of Morning LP) 
The Judes - Hey Hey Radio (Generation Who LP) 
Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (This Is Now LP) 
Ace City Racers - Waiting (Single) 
The Assist - Speak It Aloud (Single) 
French Boutik - Mieux Comme Ca (Single) 
Tommy Lorente - Patience (Un Cruel Manque De Tendre LP) 
Paz Antiguana - Groovin' (Surfing The Channel single) 
Les Rivals - Police Station (Les Rivals LP) 
Sixty Eight - Dream Of Electric Woods (The Story Of Jack Moses Boyd LP) 
Dr Cosmos's Tape Lab - Doctor Chesters Pleasure (Ever Evolving Lounge LP) 
Trees and Timber - Little Bit Of Sunshine (Hello, My Name Is Love LP) 
Aerial - Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School (Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School LP) 
Groovy Uncle Featuring Suzi Chunk - Ordinary Day (One Vowel Away From The Truth LP) 
Len Price 3 - Lonely (Nobody Knows LP) 
The Carousels - My Beating Heart (Love Changes Like The Season LP) 
Greek Theatre - August Streets (Lost Out At Sea LP) 
The Dowling Poole - Empires Buildings and Acquisitions (Bleak Strategies LP) 
Chris Richards and The Subtractions - She Belongs To Me (A Smattering Of Mystery And Sound LP) 
Trolley - Out Of Love (Things That Shine And Glow LP) 
Nick Piunti - Quicksand (13 In My Head LP) 
RAF - Ready Steady Go (Come On LP) 
The Forz - Out There (The Forz LP) 
Quitty And The Don'ts - She's Gonna Break Your Heart (Single) 
The Above - Healthy Mind (Waterbury Street LP) 
Jimmy Haber - Satellite Man (New Bondi Hippys LP) 
The Forty Nineteens - Falling Down (Spin It LP) 
Black Linen - Mental (Unreleased) 
The Singles - You've Runned Away (Look How Fast A Heart Can Break LP) 
Grant Lindberg - At All (Artificial Inspiration LP) 
The Men - All Time High (This Way LP) 
Mark and The Clouds - Blue Skies Opening (Blue Skies Opening LP) 
The Lost Boys - A Better Life (Single) 
The Zou Bisous - Just A Loser (Single) 
Hemmit - AM (Antimatter LP) 
Dave Caruso - Sticks Keys and Wires (Cardboard Vegas Roundabout LP) 
Attic Lights - Orbison (Single) 
Ships - Want (The Summer Of Our Lives LP) 
The Kaams - With Another Man (One To Six LP) 
The Cool Whips - Turpentine (Goodies LP) 
Skurkana - Web Of Villainy (Web Of Villainy LP) 
Glow - My Favourite Waking Dream (Space Blanket LP) 
The Ace - Egil's Head Ransom (Single) 
The Sensibles - My Matress (A Bunch Of Animals LP) 
Green Circles - Blackbird (Single) 
The Cycle Paths - Everybody's A Mod (Single) 
The Time Sellers - Wait (Single) 
The Well Wishers - Bring It Back (A Shattering Sky LP) 
Paul Collins - I need My Rock N Roll (Single) 
Jake Starr - Learning To Howl (Tastes Good LP) 
The Scumbags - Do You Know Who Brian Eno Is? (Single) 
The Successful Failiures - Sunny In My Head (Captains Of Industry, Captains Of War LP) 
Lannie Flowers - Give Me A Chance (Live In New York LP) 
The Britannicas - Got A Hold On Me (High Tea LP) 
The Youth - Bubblegum (Nothing But....LP) 
The Unswept - You Trip Me Up (The Unswept LP) 
The Zags - Tattoo (Single) 
The 5 Jackals - Bloody (Single) 
Little Clara and Les Chacals - Tu Me Plais (Single) 
Rebecca Dry - I Saw You (Single)

Friday, January 2, 2015

ce Cream Man Power Pop and more Xmas Special #65

#65 Xmas

Flipron - Skeletons on Holiday (Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties LP)
Eric Brao - On Holiday (Eric Brao LP)
RAF - Come On (Come On LP)
Fountains Of Wayne - Alien For Christmas (Rarities and B Sides LP)
Shonen Knife - All I Want For Christmas (All I Want For Christmas EP)
The Ramones - Merry Christmas, I don't Want To Fight Tonight (Hey Ho Let's Go Anthology LP)
The Leonards - Father Christmas (Garage Sale LP)
Mark Morris - Alcoholiday (Memory Muscle LP)
The Connection - West Coast (A Christmas Gift For LP)
The Jetset - Christmas Messages/What Can I say (Come On Peel The Noise LP)
New Mystery Girl - Christmas Outta Sight (Single)
Fountains Of Wayne - The Man In The Santa Suit (Rarities and B sides LP)
Joy Zipper - Christmas Song (American Whip LP)
The Jac - Sweet Tooth Ache (Single)
The Brigadier - The Day Before Christmas (Christmas Tales LP)
The Judes - It's Christmas Time (It's Christmas Time Single)
The Hopefuls - Holiday (The Hopefuls LP)
Weezer - Holiday (Blue Album LP)
Frank Sidebottom - Christmas Is really Fantastic (Single)
The Mockers - There's No War On Christmas (When Christmas is in Your Heart) (Single)

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and more radio show #64

The Plimsouls - Now (The Plimsouls Plus LP)
The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Flower Punk 1 LP)
The Men Of North Country - Pandora (The North LP)
The Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man (Get The Picture LP)
The Lost Boys - Losers Rock (Single)
The Pioneers - Long Shot Kick De Bucket (Single)
Phonograph - She Knows It (Phonograph Vol.1)
Hanky Panky - Queen Without A Crown (Precious Bitch Single)
The Rubinoos - Amnesia (Everything You Always Wanted To Know LP)
The Martial Arts - Mod Val (Your Sinclair LP)
The Hollies - Carrie Anne (Best Of The Hollies LP)
David Myhr - Looking For A life (Soundshine LP)
Lazy Eye - Killer ooh (Single)
The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (The Undertones LP)
Madness - Tazans Nuts (One Step Beyond LP)
The Roswells - What's Going On (The Roswells LP)
Cooper - Hipsters (UHF LP)
Morris Chestnut - Too Darn Soulful (Single)
Baby Scream - Loner (Fan Fan Fan LP)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show #63


The Small Faces - Grow Your Own  (Small Faces LP)
The Small Faces - Afterglow (Ogdens Nut Gone Flake LP)
The Small Faces - Come On Children (Small Faces LP)
Peter And The Penguins - She Took Me By Surprise (How To Choose A Sweetheart LP)
The Pixies - Alec Eiffel (Trompe Le Monde LP)
The Frinchers - Girl From Denmark Street (On Your Knees McCartney LP)
Trees And Timber - Future History (Hello,My Name Is Love LP)
Dave Caruso - Your Fake Friends (Cardboard Vegas Roundabout LP)
The Beach Boys - Surfin'  (Surfin' Safari LP)
Sam Page - Naked (The Slog In Uncertainty LP)
The Faces - Stay With Me( A Nod is as good as a a blind horse LP)
The Sensibles - Open Book (Single)
Paul Anka - I can't Help Loving You (Single)
The Bluetones - Slight Return (Expecting To Fly LP)
The Primary 5 - What Am I Supposed to do now (Revive - Demos and Rarities LP)
The Rutles - With A Girl Like You (The Rutles LP)
Rebecca Dry - I saw You (Single)
Len Price 3 - Words Won't Come (Nobody Knows LP)
Scumbags - Luna (Single)
Owsley - No One Needs To Know (Oh No The Radio LP)
The Frinchers - She's A Rocket (On Your Knees McCartney LP)
GreenCircles - Never Say Never (Ian McLagan Cover) (available on soundcloud)
The Gents - Waiting To Be Seen (Waiting To Be Seen LP)
The Prisoners - Whenever I'm Gone (In From The Cold LP)
The Small Faces - Own Up Time (Small Faces LP)
The Successful Failiures - Ghost Around Here (Captains Of Industry, Captains Of War LP)
The Posies - I May Hate You sometimes (Failure 15th Anniversary EDT LP)
Dave Caruso - Rockabye (Rockturnal Lullabye) (Cardboard Vegas Roundabout LP)
The Small Faces - I'm Only Dreaming (Small Faces LP)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #62

If you enjoy the show and want to help promote the new bands featured, please share the link on facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites.  There is no compensation or alternative agenda that benefits anyone involved with the the Ice Cream Man at all, other than that of knowing that these bands are being heard and real music is getting out there.  Peace.


Lilys - Nanny In Manhatten (Better Can't Make your Life Better lp)
The Crumble Factory - Plastic Teenage (single)
The Jam - Going Underground (Single)
Trees and Timber - Wolf and Sheep (Hello, My Name Is Love LP)
Thee Brandy Hips - Wayne (Raincoat LP)
Thee Milkshakes - She'll Be Mine (Talkin' 'Bout Milkshakes LP)
Scumbags - Do You Know Who Brian Eno Is? (Single)
The Supernatrals - Hanging Around (360 LP)
R.Dean Taylor - Ghost In My House (Single)
Instant Flight - Dazzled Eyes (Around The Gates Of Morning LP)
Trees and Timber - Stop Fucking It Up (Hello, My Name Is Love)
Splitsville - Home (Ultrasound LP)
Little Clara and Les Chacals - Dis Lui Que Je Ne Suis Pas La (Single)
Blow Up - Catch Saturday Night (Teenage News LP)
Cooper - Ideal (UHF LP)
The Supernaturals - Born Again (360 LP)
Red Button - Hopes Up (Red Button LP)
Ruth and The Adelians - I want To Tell You (Single)
Black Linen - Forget The Times (Unreleased)