Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #282


Fountains Of Wayne - Small Favours (Outta State Plates LP)
I Was A King - Norman Bleik (Single)
Ivan Beecroft - She Said (Whatever LP)
Humble Pie - Heartbeat (Town & Country LP) 1969
Phylis Johnson - Foolish Girl (Single)
The Marvelettes - Way Over There  (Single)
Ashes For Dreams - Freeloader (Single)
Caper Clowns - Second To None (Single)
James Basnight - Living the Way I want (Not Changing LP)
Caesars - She Don't Mind (Love For The Streets LP)
The Popravinas . Hard Way (To Make An Easy Living) (Willy Nilly LP)
Sunday Jet Lag - Waste Of Time (Single) (Lousiville Kentucky)
Surfer Joe . A Day At The Beach (Swell Of Dwell LP)
The Greenberry Woods - #37 (Feels So Strange) - (Rapple Dapple LP)
The Specials - Vote For Me (Encore LP)
The Popravinas - Talkin' Out Loud (Willy Nilly LP)
Super 8 - Angels And Neil Diamond (Single)
Knife Club - When My Eyes Are Heavy (Single)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #281


The Apples In Stereo - Shine A Light (Tone Soul Evolution LP)
Arthur Alexander - I'll Get Your Love Someday (One Bar Left LP)
Eugenius - Bed In (Oomalama LP)
Andre' M - Dodged A Bullet (Single)
Diamond Hands - Maybe Tomorrow (You Are The Cosmos LP)
Venus - Deranged (Single)
Caesars - Over 'Fore It Started (Love For The Streets LP)
El Mapache - Just Another Pink Rock Song (Single)
Sons Of Morning - Evangeline (Single)
Tiger Bomb - Here He Comes (Uproar LP)
Quitters - Burn Your House Down (Singing Like Nobodies Listening EP)
The Details - For Anyone To Claim (To Charles Dickens And Back LP)
Lazars Finest - Boracho (Single)
The Undertones - Get Over You (The Undertones LP)
The Chromosomes - Leavin' Canada (Losing Eleven LP)
Danny Wilkerson - Let It Go Tonight (Wilkerson LP)
Richard Turgeon - Hey Jealousy (Single)
The Speed Of Sound - I'm Real (Single)
Bang 74 - Can You Fix Me Up With Her (Single)

Friday, February 8, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show #280

The Ramones - Suzy Is A headbanger (Leave Home 40th Anniversary Deluxe LP)
Thee Girl Fridays - Too Much Of A Good Thing (Single)
The Screens - Tell Julie To Stay (Single)
Teenage Fanclub - Don't Cry No Tears (Deep Fried Fanclub LP)
South Berkley - Glass And Sparks (Single)
Vista Blue - Always Check The Backseat (Scary Songs To Sing In The Dark EP)
The Vapour Trails - Godspeed It (Godspeed It EP)
The Popravinas - Sofia (Single)
The Thick Un's - Reckless Rider (Greasy Gambit LP)
Proper - Welcome To This Town (Single)
Attic Lights - Kings Of Whatever (Love In The Times Of Shark Attacks LP)
French Boutik - Passe Recompose (Le Ame De Paris LP)
The Prisoners - Mourn My Health In From The Cold LP)
Worlds Apart - This Life (Songs For Sons & Daughters LP)
Phil Yates and The Affiliates - We're Finally Here (How Do You Spell GBV LP)
Tiger Bomb - Don't Forget The Girl (Uproar LP) Dionysus Records
Attic Lights - Never By Myself (Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks LP)
The Reverberations - Dream Catcher (Changes LP)
Jake Starr - All The Mess I'm In (Single)
Elvyn - Ellie (Valley Of The Killowatt Hour LP)

Friday, February 1, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop Radio Show #279

Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside (Single)
Blackjack Love - Carryin' On (Bullets and Blues LP)
Supersaurus - Brainfreeze (Our First Cassette LP)
Smug Brothers - Beethoven Tonight (Attic Harvest LP)
The Obleeks - Have You Thought About Me Lately (The Obleeks LP)
The Real People - Bring You Down (What's On The Outside LP)
Mooner - The Whole World Falls Down (Satisfaction Promise LP)
The Blades - The Magnets (Modernised LP)
Modest proposal - Live Today 
Fast Cars - Why? (Coming Ready Or Not! LP)
Johnny Stanec - You're An Empty Sound (Things Were Better When LP)
Addison Love - Endless (Single) Big Stir Records
Chuck Woods - Seven Days Is Too Long (Single)
The Vikings - My Friends Little Sister (The Best Head Ever LP)
Sam Page - Now I Know (Breach LP)
Ivan Beecroft - Shattered Dreams (Liars, Freaks and Fools LP)
Mikah Wilson - Sunshine Grooves (Sunshine Grooves LP)
Muscle Souls - I Don't Know What Makes Me (Single) John and Nicole
The Jam - Town Called Malice (Single)
BBC - Tonight (Everybody's Angry Nowadays LP)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #278

The Hicadoolas - Vangelis (Sympathy For The Ocean EP)
Richard Turgeon - Into Your Arms (9 Covers LP)
The Higher State - Dark Night Of The Soul (Single) Market Sq Records
Trip Wire - Act Fast (Single) Big Stir PP&M records
Arthur Alexander - One Bar Left (One Bar Left LP)
The Hicadoolas - Summer party (Sympathy For The Ocean EP)
Pulp - Babies (His And Hers LP)
The Jessica Fletchers - Shoot (Whatever Happened To? LP)
Baby Scream - Roundabouts (Things You Can Say To A Stranger EP)
Dreams Of Carnage - Sunday School (I'm In Your Garden LP)
Gene Pool and The Shallows - Norwegian Wood (Benefit Of Mr Kitesurfer LP)
The Honey Pot - Bewildered Jane (Bewildered Jane LP)
Marsmallow Overcoat - Marshmallow Theme (Songs From The Motion Picture All You need is Fuzz LP)
The Sunchymes - Emily Layne (Single)
Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself (100 Fun LP)
Supersaurus - Vape Heaven (Our First Cassette LP)
Pop - The Weight Of Something (3 EP)
David Woodard - I Used To Be Cool (I Used To Be Cool LP)
Marshmallow Overcoat - Half A Life (Songs From The Motion Picture All You need is Fuzz LP)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #277 Best Of 2018 Part 2

1) That Driving Beat - A Little Togetherness (Single)
2) St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - I Still Get The Calls (Single)
3) The Genuine Fakes - Even With You (Issues LP)
4) In Deed - Don't Need, Don't Care (Everest LP) Uppsala
5) Dee Rangers - I'm Your Fool (All You Need Tonight LP) Stockholm
6) The Most - It's Alright (Beat Beat Boom LP) Umeå
7) The Hombres - Go Girl, Go (Record Robot LP)
8) Badass Mother Fuzzers - Gonna Get You (Single)e Me A Letter (Single) 
9) Super 8 - Good Times (Hi Lo LP)
10) The Greyhound Factory - The Genie And The Gun (Single) UK
11) The Gunboat Diplomats - IF Summer Could Stay (Single)
12) Bryan Estepa - No Ordinary (Single)
13) Stephen's Ruin - Ophelia Winter (Never Too Late LP)
14) Thrift Store Halo - Every Time With You (Single)
15) Tommy Sistak - You Can't Change Me (Ready Set A Go Go LP)
16) Lannie Flowers - Don't Make Me Wait (Single)
17) Faux Co - Prozac Spaceman (Single)
18) Gleeson - Holding On (The Years Have It LP)
19) Gretchens Wheel - Untethered (Black Box Theory LP)
20) Tomas Nilson - I'm Too Tired To Sleep (Split Single With Roger Arvidson)
21) Chromosomes - Goalkeeper (Single)
22) Pablo Matisse - Wasting Light (Single)
23)The Duke Of Surl - Out Of It (Out Of It LP)
24) Vista Blue - 1621 (Single)
25) Extra Arms - Headacher (Headacher LP)
26) The Papashangos - The Poncho Song (Single)
27) The Bookends - Laugh Or Cry (Far Away But Around LP)
28) RAF - Get What You Get (Single)
29) Emperor Penguin - Halfway to Havana (Rum Pop Engineer LP)
30) GospelBeach- Strange Days (Another Summer Of Love LP)
31) 65MPH - Soaring (Single)
32) Carbon Poppies - Rain On My Face (Single)
33) Psychotic Youth - You (21 LP)  Acoustic set for ICM
34) Psychotic Youth - You (21 LP) LP Version
35) Ken Sharp - Lemons To Lemonade (Beauty In The Back seat LP)
36) The Geezers - Daymaker (Shine On LP)
37)  Three Hour Tour - Pascal The Hypnotist (You Never Know LP)
38) The Newds - Through The Dark (Single)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #276 Best of 2018 Part 1.

1) Internet Friends - Molly (Single)
2) Pop - New Again (Single)
3) El Mapache - Cocktail Bar (Single)
4) Empty Hours - Radio (It's About Time LP)
5) Kurt Baker - Yesterday Tomorrow (Let's Go Wild LP)
6) Dave Sheinin - Talking To Myself (First Thing Tomorrow LP)
7) Simon Love - The New Adam And Eve (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time LP)
8) Dennis Elsworth - Stoned (Single)
9) Popsik - Red (Single)
10) Phylis Johnson - Mr Calahan Single)
11) Dropkick - Out Of Tune (Longwave LP)
12) Car City  - Connecting The Dots (Car City LP)
13) Paul Collins - Tick Tock (Out Of My Head LP)
14) Daniel Insa - Love Music Friends (Still Works LP)
15) Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans - Build a Boat (Self Titled LP)
16) Tom Curless - Always Bloom Forever (Songs Of Movement LP)
17) The Stan Laurels - I Want To Believe (Maybe LP)
18) Nick Piunti - No Return (Temporary High LP)
19) Dr Bird - Bedtime Stories (Bedtime Stories LP)
20) Tiger Bomb - Baby Come On (Uproar LP) Portland 
21) The Dahlmanns - Get It Right (Single) Beluga Records
22) Allrighters - You're The One Fore Me (There's a Light LP)
23) Katie Hallam - On The Edge Of My World (ICM Comp 2018)
24) The Suncharms - Red Dust (Single)
25) Athanor - Now I Know (Hills Of The Universe LP)
26) The Turnback - Your Fragile Wall (Spinning The Earth In Reverse LP)
27) Caper Clowns - Paper Trails (A Salty Taste To The Lake LP)
28) Go Dog Go - Stop And Think It Over (Old Enough LP) 
29) Chris Lund - Tell Me (Great Event Syndrome LP)
30) Sungraze - Midnight Light (Single)
31) Los Turistas - Casi Tocamos El Cielo (Casi Tocamos El Cielo LP) Malaga Spain
32) Checkpoint Charley - Childs Play (Songs 13 - 24 LP)
33) Tremendous - Rock & Roll Satellite (Single) Birmingham
34) White Flag Dares - Make My Day (Single)
35) Tommy Lorente & La Cavalerie - Ne Parle Pas De Nous (Don't Talk About Us)
36) Teenage Frames  - She Knows (Still Pissed LP)