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"Powder, led by guitarist/vocalist Rich Martin and bassist/vocalist brother Tom Martin, were a fiery Who/Small Faces influenced mod band hailing from CA. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Powder didn't play the typical jangly guitar pop psych of the day, 1967-69, but rather a power chord style rock.

The first 16 tracks on this 77 minute disc are the complete recordings of Powder proper. Obviously influenced by the fiery style of the Who, Powder rock hard. Even the song titles, especially "Magical Jack" are reminiscent of the Who (Happy Jack). These tracks are followed by a single released by vocalist Ray Columbus & The Art Collection (Powder) with "Kick Me" paired with "Snap Crackle & Pop).

Can we say Biff, Bang, Pow! Then come five tracks recorded by Powder under the moniker The Art Collection sans Mr. Columbus. Among these tracks is a great cover of The Who's "So Sad About Us." The disc ends with four tracks recorded by the Brothers Martin under the pseudonym Thomas & Richard Frost. In total, 27 tracks, 77 minutes, of mod style power pop. If you enjoy British mod rock, you'll love the music on this disc. Released on the wonderful Distortions Records label which recently announced it was discontinuing cd production, this cd may soon become extinct.

Don't miss out on a real treat. This is heavy mod rock American style. At its best. Act now, don't delay lest you miss the boat. This disc was compiled by none other than 60s rock expert Alec Palao, compiler of many fine Ace Records' Big Beat releases. In other words, big time 60s hard-edged mod rock compiled by the master himself.

It is essential for fans of mod rock, and an absolute necessity for fans of The Who and The Small Faces.

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