Thursday, December 15, 2011

THE SOLARFLARES - Look What I Made Out of My Head

Third album from The Solarflares who feature ex The Prisoners and Prime Movers members. Recorded and mixed on the band's own eight-track machine in vocalist / guitarist Graham Day's garage.
Everything you would expect from music that has anything to do with Graham Day, the man with the golden touch when it comes to writing and delivering a classic piece of pop!

A web review:
This is the third offering The Solarflares, now with Parsley full time on organ duty and where the first album (Psychadelic Tantrum) was brilliant, the second (That was then and so is this) even better, this belter blows them both out of the water.
The album kicks off with 'State of mind', think of the Fleur de Lys or Fire and you approach the power of this song, superb! This is followed by 'Feet the wrong way round' a wry look at one mans feelings about the embarrasment of trying to dance. The other highlight on side 1 (I have the vinyl copy not c.d.!) is Girl In A Briefcase (think Man in a Suitcase and you'll get it) an excellent instrumental for a 60's spy show which never existed outside Graham Days mind.
Side 2 starts with 'You Want Blood', the current single, again the power of the vocals and musicans shines through, these really are men on top of their game. Highlights on this side include You Hear Drums & Reflections. There really isn't a poor song on this album. No fans of the Prisoners or Prime Movers who are unfamiliar with The Solarflares will be disappointed. The same musical influences are there, The Who, Small Faces, Doors and a plethora of 60's punk outfits, even Pink Floyds Piper at the Gates of Dawn album can be sensed in a couple of numbers. Big Beat could've given a money back guarantee on this. My advice buy two copies in case you lose one!

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