Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Joy Of Painting - Asterisk. Name Your Price Download.

I love stumbling across bands on the internet, especially when they are this good and why is nobody shouting about them?  Why am I not already aware of them?
The Joy of Painting are from Nashville TN. and they play some really great tunes with some fantastic 3 or 4 part harmonies, I can't quite work it out but what I do know that to stumble blindly through the world wide web and find something as delicious as this is a brilliant feeling.
The songs on this seven track album are recorded live which gives you an indication of this bands enormous talent.

What others are saying:

"Accidently grandiose and bursting with color and energy." -Murfreesboro Pulse

"I hear a lot of Weezer in this is certainly some catchy pop, but it also has the fuel of post-punk." -No Country for New Nashville

"From Self to Kyle Andrews to Fun [Nashville] has managed to produce a number of the best artists of the past few years. Go ahead and add Joy of Painting to that list, because their first EP is an artistically brilliant debut that will truly surprise you." -Obvious Pop

Colorful and delicious like your favorite cereal, full of groovy gravy beats and mom-approved hooks.
Photo by Melissa Mills
Listen to the brilliant No Bones 

Upcoming Shows.

3/24/12 - TBD
Oklahoma City, OK

4/14/12 - TOUR DE FUN
Murfreesboro, TN // WEBSITE

5/25/12 - Prevervation Pub
Knoxville, TN

Go over to the bands bandcamp page and listen to and buy the album, it is a name your price download for the digital album: HERE

Contact and follow the band here: FACEBOOK

The Joy of Painting: Official

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