Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beyond Veronica - Hard Time for Dreamers

Beyond Veronica has found a meaningful, inspired niche in the rock ‘n roll world, citing a diversity of influences ranging from ‘60s girl groups and ‘70s punk, to contemporary indie rock.
Performing throughout the west coast in various venues and festivals, Beyond Veronica helped pave the way for the resurrection of female-fronted  power pop.

What a great album!  I could harp on about female fronted bands, but see no point in drawing a comparisons to others that have walked the path of Power Pop before.
Bonnie Veronica must have stood before the creator and said, "Yeah, everything is fine, now give me the best voice for Power Pop!" and clearly, she got it!
The rest of the band compliment Bonnie and keep the whole thing powering along at a 100mph (160kmh for our European friends).....just the way it should be.
It is not often that I am bowled over by an album, I don't give albums marks out of 10 but I am certainly turning this up to 11!

What they’re saying...
“Beyond Veronica are one of the best bands I ́ve heard this year.” --Punk Globe Magazine/ (UK)

“Really solid and consistently enjoyable straight ahead rock `n roll. Front-woman Bonnie Veronica has a vocal command that sweetens and straightjackets the melodies in the songs and sweet, but assertive rock `n pop melodies hold it all together with aplomb. Very highly recommended!”--

“Hard Times For Dreamers” is available on limited edition vinyl (with download card) nationwide from CD and download from CD Baby,,, and many others.

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