Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Sick Rose - No Need for Speed

The Sick Rose were arguably the first European garage band to have the impact globally in the same manner as The Chesterfield Kings (from the Timothy Gassen's book Knights of Fuzz 1980-1995).
Lead garage band in the Eighties, The Sick Rose with his fuzz and farfisa attack impressed the audience with full powered gigs, since the first released Faces LP, dated 1986.
The band performed alive with some legends of the genre (The Fuzztones, Dream Syndicate, The Nomads, Stomach Mouths and so on) and produced four full records but disbanded in 1990...
The Band comes back in 2006 with a new work, Blastin' out, produced by DOM MARIANI, the legendary leader of the Stems.
The new album gains a very good critic response and lead the band to several promotion tours.
Between 2006 and 2008 the Sick Rose toured Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain, opening for Jeff Conolly (Lyres).
Our new album NO NEED FOR SPEED is finally out!
This past fall Dom Mariani, from DM3 / Stems, flew from Perth, Australia to produce our 6th studio album. He did an incredible job! The result is a great album of power pop with many unespected undertones. We're very proud of it and we are dying to play the new songs live at our upcoming shows!

This has been a great week for music on the blog and this band along with their new album are the prefect end to the perfect week, after partying Friday and Saturday, I have put on this album and continued the party mode into Sunday!  Full of energy, 60's styled garage fuzz and some jangly Rickenbacker fuelled Power Pop, we are gonna be ripping it up until Wednesday....the party isn't over yet, go buy this album!!!

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