Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Semis - Decapitator Blues FREE DOWNLOAD

Another brilliant find on Bandcamp.  The Semis have a little bit of something for everyone and a lot of everything for everyone, you will find bit of Glam, Britpop, Power Pop within the 12 tracks of Decapitator Blues and much more.  This album will make grey skies look blue, cold days warm and sad faces smile!  Download, kickback and enjoy!!!!

The Semis are a rock band with a beachy garage-pop vibe full of beat and melody. They were formed by songwriter, singer, guitarist Billy Summer. The blindingly handsome and shamefully talented Summer has produced some of the finest classics you’ve never heard deftly intertwining solid gold song craft with unbridled and pure rock N’ roll id. The Semis 2010 album, Back to the Beach, was warmly received by fans and critics alike and was awarded Album of the Year by Creative Loafing magazine. Songs from The Semis have been featured in the movie Dropped Frames, various regional television commercials and the Bravo series Flipping Out. The Semis are always writing, recording, and slaying, that is, if they’re not at the beach. Their new album Decapitator Blues will knock your meat in a knot and can be found on itunes, cdbaby, bandcamp, soundcloud and other fine digital distributors.

Billy Summer - guitars, bass, keys, vocals, drums
Kyle Lovell - drums
Rop Pastore - pedal steel on The Ballad Of Andy Howard
Scott Meyers - keys on Echo 
Photo by Nicole Kilbert.


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The Semis have four essential albums;
Route 666 ( 2004 )
White Powder Black Power (2007)
Back To The Beach (2010)
Decapitator Blues (2011)

all of which can be found here:
and here:

other earlier demos can be found here:

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Buy the albums if you like them and support the band, they also have a great T Shirt Design too, so why not buy a package and be a ready for the summer in style!

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  1. I might be starting to love this album. Thanks for posting!

  2. Glad you like it, I think there is something more coming soon from The Semis and I will post up any links as and when. Thanks for commenting. :)