Friday, April 20, 2012

The Wellingtons - In Transit

There have been a few bands that have come out of the Australian Power Pop Scene that I have really liked but only one that I have loved and they are The Wellingtons!
In Transit is the bands fourth album and probably their best to date, not saying that the previous releases were anything less than brilliant, they just seem to have nailed a certain, je ne c'est pas?  But they have nailed it!  I'd  like to think it is so good because they recorded it in my home country (England) and mastered it at the Abbey Road studios but I think it is more than likely the knack the band have for writing great songs and delivering them with such great finesse.

"In Transit" shows the band at the peak of their game melodically and instrumentally. "I Fell For You" is as dynamic and lush as a hooky ballad can be, with strings, mellotron and crafted, layered harmonies. There's also more jangle and twang than previous Wellingtons albums with sweetly played slide guitar beneath layers of Jeff Lynne style acoustic guitars. The Wellingtons pride themselves on creating instantly memorable pop bliss and they've delivered their finest instalment to date with "In Transit". 
 The Wellingtons are currently looking for a new drummer, so if you are a drummer in The Melbourne area of Australia, or know someone that is, and you fancy playing with one of the best power pop bands around, then please e-mail for an audition or a chat.

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