Friday, April 27, 2012

Brian Young - See What I Made. FREE DOWNLOAD

Brian Young's debut album "See What I made" is beautifully sublime and is somewhat a diary of one mans life experience that could easily be a reflection of each of our own lives.
Each song is delivered with passion and feeling and whilst some of the songs are of rejection and heartache, the music takes the songs to a completely different, happier place.
This is a sparkling debut with a lyrical content that we can all relate to in some way shape or form.  There are many stand out tracks here and not a filler in sight,  Brian's voice sometimes reminds me of David Gedge from the Wedding Present during his Cinerama days, only better!

Brian Young started writing songs at the tender age of 16 with his
first band, The Promise. By the end of college, that band lost a
couple members, gained a couple more, and became The Ideal Husbands.
Just before the year 2000, The Ideal Husbands caught the attention of
indie-pop mecca Shelflife Records, and work began on their debut EP.
Unfortunately, the band dissolved before it was finished, saving one
track (“Statues”) for Shelflife’s OMD tribute CD, Pretending To See
The Future. Soon after the split, Brian bought a bass guitar, a drum
kit, and began recording on his own. Taking a couple songs written
with The Ideal Husbands, as well as a few newer ones, Brian finished
his first solo EP Hi-Lo in 2005.

The next year, after moving to a small apartment in South Pasadena CA,
Brian began writing what would become See What I Made. The idea was to
document what was happening at that moment in life. It begins with a
prayer, a less than successful string of dates, finding love, feeling
disillusioned, breaking up, taking long walks at night, a dream, and
learning to laugh at it all (in that order).
See What I Made took a ridiculous amount of time to finish. In fact,
by the time it was, Brian had moved on from that small apartment,
played several shows (under the name Swimteam), got married, and then
moved again to Whittier CA. He has started a new band with his wife
Annette, called The Briannettes, and also plays with Los Angeles
indie-pop band The Tartans, and Pasadena post-punks The Guestimates.

Influences include:
The Smiths, The Zombies, Love, Beach Boys, The Kinks,
The Shangri-Las, Curtis Mayfield, Felt, Belle & Sebastian
Brian plans on recording a new EP in Summer 2012.
Download "See What I made" FREE: HERE 

Contact: seewhatimade@gmail

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