Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Pulsebeats - Album Review

It is not very often (sadly) that I receive vinyl albums for review, but I love it when I do, the sound quality is amazing and I question myself as to why I started buying cds or downloaded MP3's?  The warmth of the recording is second to none and with today being "Record Store Day" why not go out and buy a record, better still buy The Pulsebeats album!

 The Pulsebeats hail from Santander in Spain a small town with a thriving underground rock and roll scene that apparently doesn't get a lot of attention outside the region, let alone outside Spain, I have a strong feeling that The Pulsebeats are going to go a long way to changing that!

The self titled album fires into life with the amazing song, "The Heart Of A Rhinestone Cowboy" full of jangly guitars a pulsing rhythm and echoes of The Clash in part, this has to be one of my favourite album openers in a long time, a pretty major statement as I gaze across the room at shelves full of records and cds!
Track 2, "Song for Cecilia" fires up with an Strokes style chugging guitar riff and has a catchy sing along chorus that I challenge you not to attempt to sing along with and so the album goes on with "Cynical Ride" another uptempo song that reminds me of the American Power Pop band "Cracker" in its first few opening notes, giving the listener a sense of familiarity with the music, but the band are in no way plagiarists, there is certainly a nod to some classic British and American Punk and Power Pop bands here within the grooves, but they have their very own distinctive style, which, with a nod and a tip of the hat to the greats that have gone before them make this a really great album with hooks and melodies in abundance and so the album continues through all 10 tracks.

This album won't be leaving the turntable anytime soon, unless The Pulsebeats bring out another album tomorrow! 

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