Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Twin Sets - Take Your Rest. FREE EP DOWNLOAD

Another new band hailing from the North West of Spain (A Coruña) with a really nice set of jangly power pop songs....they must put something special in the water up there!

The Twin-Sets are:  Borja Fernández - Guitar, Denís Graña - Vocals, guitar, Nacho - Bass, Lito-Drums.

The EP has three tracks of melodically satisfying tunes with a really nice uncomplicated driving beat behind them so as not to detract from the jangly guitar sounds.
The band quotes artistss like The Nerves, The Jam, Teenage Fanclub, The Kinks, Badfinger and The Lemonheads as influences and they have certainly caught that sound without directly mimicking any of them.
I really like this bands sound and for a band that have only been together since 2011 they seem to gel very well as a group. 
Whilst all the songs on the EP have a standout quality, "We won't turn it back" which is sung in their native Spanish seems to flow better than those in English, which seem quite nonsensical, this however, would be my only criticism of this band and they will certainly be one on my watch list and I would actually be more than happy listening to more offerings from them in their native tongue!

Download the bands FREE ep: HERE

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  1. Wow, loving the blog, tons of great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I have also enjoyed your modcasts for quite a while now!