Friday, September 28, 2012

Ruth's Hat - Nostalgic For Right Now (Name Your Price)

Something fast, exciting, loud for the weekend, some real kick arse Rock 'n' Roll in the form of "Ruth's Hat!"

"We play rock n' roll music - no scenester politics, no sneering-faux attitude, no wimpy emo laments, no bullshit gimmicks. Now semi-retired, it's still unlikely that the Hat will ever just disappear."

This is rock n' roll music played by regular dudes who don't give a fuck about looking the part. "Nostalgic for Right Now" finds the Hat (now a 3-piece) tearing through eleven cuts of hard-hitting rock n' roll, punk-infused rockabilly, and explosive harmony-laden power pop. With plenty of guitar grit, Ruth's Hat adds an aggressive punk rock edge to their far-reaching rock n' roll roots, sounding like a blended party of Chuck Berry, The Ramones, Green Day, Hank Williams, and The Who. Don't expect scenester politics, whimpy emo laments, hipster posturing, sneering faux-attitude or shameless rock star excesses, just catchy-as-hell songs anchored by timeless rock n' roll themes: long roads, broken relationships, and alcoholic beverages. This is the definitive Ruth's Hat, indispensable for fans and newbies alike. (Fastmusic)

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