Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Moving Sounds

It is really wonderful to find exciting and energetic bands from my host country and whilst they come from the other side of the country, I sincerely hope they will bring their live show over to the other side (Gothenburg) sometime in the future, maybe when they come home from their current tour of Germany, they will?

The Moving Sounds from Stockholm, Sweden, have been playing together since 2000 and to date have released 3 albums of brilliant music with the latest having been recorded on vintage equipment in the "Estudios Circo Perotti."  The band is known for delivering a blizzard of hammond fueled fuzz-o-rama on stage. Although there's no outspoken goal for the band, they seem to want to pay their hommage to their musical heros whoever they might be from Booker T to Lord Sitar to The Velvet Underground.

Ground Shaker from the Ground Shaker album.

The Moving Sounds powering up Germany, on tour now!

All three albums can be purchased here:CopaseDisques

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