Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Guts - Grey Tipi. Free/Name Your Price Download

Sunday Guts have released their first EP and a scout around the web and their facebook page doesn't really offer up very much info on this band, all I know is that it is a 2 man team, Billy and Victor from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, they like XTC, GBV and CCR and their focus is heavy on vocal hooks embellished by guitar phrases and "riffs."

Billy and Victor are making this rather splendid EP FREE until November, so if you like it, go and download it whilst it is free, or make a small donation to help the guys.

Is this the only photo of Billy and Victor?

Download the 4 track ep here: Bandcamp

Request more info, contact, befriend, like and love "Sunday Guts" here: Facebook

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