Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #56


The Coral - Put The Sun Back (Roots and Echoes LP)
Ed James - Shiver and Shake (Some Soundalikes, Sometimes They Sound Like...LP)
The Ships - Hipster (The Summer Of Our Lives LP)
LazyEye - Killer Ooh (Single)
Ace City Racers - Waiting (Alcopopular 5 LP)
Grant Lindberg -  Let's Start (Acoustic) (Ice Cream Man Acoustic Session)
Grant Lindberg - Johnsberg Illinois (Acoustic Tom Waits Cover) (Ice Cream Man Acoustic Session)
The Royal Flares - Gonna Get There (Tales of Sound and Fury LP)
Bobby Fuller Four - I fought The Law (I Fought The Law LP)
SuperSiderS - Raining In Town  (Single)
LazyEye - I'm A Stone (Single)
The dB's - She Got Soul (Like This LP)
The Fabulous Wailers featuring Little Gail Harris - I Idolize You (Live at The Castle LP)
Soft Peaks - New Mean (Autocumular EP)
Carol Cooke - I Don't Mind (Single)
Ace City Racers - Different Angle (Single)
Blow-Up - It's a Crime (Easy Knowledge LP)
The Ethiopians- Free Man (Trojan Box Set LP)
Bob Kozak - What Do I Do (This Is It! Greater Buffalo's Greatest 1977-1984)
Dot Dash - Do Re Mi (Half Remembered Dream LP)

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