Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ice Cream Man power Pop and More Radio Show #57 FRENCH SPECIAL

French Show. #57

Les Bowlers - Il Est Trop Tard (single)
Hanky Panky - Precious Bitch (single)
Fuzzy Vox - 1789 (On Heat LP)
Fabienne Delsol - I'm Gonna Haunt You (No Time For Sorrows LP)
Tommy Lorente - Patience (Un Cruel Manque de Tendresse LP)
Michel Polnareff - Time Will Tell (Single)
Gillian Hills - Rentre Sans Moi (Single)
The Bopp - Why Didn't You (single)
French Bouitik - Mieux Comme Ca  (Mieux Comme Ca EP)
Tweed - I Need You (single)
The Arrogants - Drunky Blues (Introducing The Arrogants LP)
Les Charlots - Quand Je Pense a Toi (single)
Paz Antiguana - Groovin' (Surfin' The Channel single)
Popincourt - Is This Real (So Many Tears To Fall EP)
Crusaders Of Love - Lonely City (Take It Easy, But Take It LP)
French Boutik - End Of The Line (Mieux Comme Ca EP)
Towerbrown - Don't Count Me In (Count Me Out LP)
The Liminanas - My Black Sabbath (Costa Blanca LP)
Les Kitchenette's - Eh Jolie (single)
Fuzzy Vox - Man Of Soulution (On Heat LP)

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