Thursday, May 31, 2012

Phenomenal Cat Live Date.

Tiger House - Acid Banshee......and more!

Portland Energetic Hook Slingers, Tiger House, release a Summer Love Tape on June 6th at Mississippi Studios.
Portland Geek Poppers, Tiger House, will self- release a 4 song cassette tape on June 6th at Mississippi Studios with Charts & Pheasant. This will be their first release under the format of a cassette tape. They released 'Doom Pop' EP last year.
"Acid Banshee//Camel Party" is not only a reflection of what it's like to love, but what it is like to love in Portland. "I wanna hold your hand in my hand, oh yeah" in 'Visuals' holds human emotion nimbly and reminds us that love is playful and sometimes hazy. 'New York Sleep' is an ode to caring. Singer/Lyricist, William Scharmann fell ill on his honeymoon to New York City and for a week he lay in bed with a fever, only to be taken care of by his new wife. "Being in a city I've always wanted to be in and not getting to see it because I was too sick to leave my hotel room isn't so bad when you have the one person you care about the most by your side". 'No Bees' talks of heartache and anxiety that comes with romance, and "Antique Physique" explores what happens to love after we die. Acid Banshee//Camel Party aims to be a lighthearted summer pop tape.

 Tiger House has been together since 2008 and have played 200+ high energy shows in that time. Tiger House recently returned from a SXSW tour where they played Portland's first SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas, with local favorites Radiation City, Ramona Falls, and Typhoon. The extended play was recorded in the Winter of 2011 at Revolver Studios in Portland, Oregon, and in their SE Portland basement. It was mixed by Alex Arrowsmith (Shaky Hands, Spookies) and engineered by Nalin Silva (Owner of Revolver, worked with Dandy Warhols & OPB). Tiger House members include: Dustin Mills- Drums, Carl Simpson- Guitar/Keys, William Scharmann- Lead Vocals/Guitar, and Ethan Homan on Bass/Backup Vocals.
Tiger House currently has multiple shows lined up after their Mississippi Studio's release, including vintage clothing stores, fashion shows, houses, and local dive bars. The cassette tape with feature a download link and a flower petal.

 Until the Cassette is released you can, you can download Tiger House's other albums completely FREE on their bandcamp page!

Tiger House: BANDCAMP

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Electric Mess - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

The Electric Mess - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth, OUT NOW on Groovie Records!

Hitting my inbox sometime late last night was this gorgeous gem of an album and listening to this and seeing the cool clobber these guys are sporting, it only seems right to share them with you as soon as possible!!!!!
This is really cool sixties styled garage pop punk, crunching guitars, some fantastic organ workings, driving drum beats, pulsating bass and some powerful wanna dance?  Can you keep up?  The Electric Mess will have you dancing in some way shape or form all night long!

Since forming in 2007, The Electric Mess have developed into an exciting and tight rock n' roll band, led by an androgynous and dynamic  lead singer, Chip Fontaine (aka Esther Crow).
The band recently released their second album, entitled "Falling Off the Face of the Earth".  It features 13 songs and still shows a wide range of influences, again with an emphasis on strong songwriting and catchy melodies, and dynamic musicianship.  Like their debut album, it was recorded at The Church in Brooklyn, engineered and mixed by David Horowitz, and mastered by punk legend Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Matthew Sweet). 
The album is now out on CD and will be released on vinyl some time in June.  The CD and Vinyl are available on Groovie Records and iTunes download, etc.

Here are a couple of videos from the bands debut album:

The band have a really great web page, where you can listen to 7 out of the 13 rocking tracks on the latest album, watch all the videos, order the records, find gig dates, all in one place!

This is one hell of an album and will make a few "Album of the year" spots at the end of the year, go take a listen NOW!

Official Web Site: THE ELECTRIC MESS 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Literature - Arab Spring

22 minutes of fresh and breezy jangly indie pop with some C86-ness to it, this album is a breath of fresh air for a sunny day!  This album powers along from opening track "14 Seconds" through to album closer, "I am Right Here." 

Other than the fact that this 4 piece hail from Austin, Texas, although I believe they are moving to Philidelphia soon, I don't know an awful lot about them, except that this is their debut album and it is 10 tracks of foot moving tunes, some great hooks, machine gun drums and infectious melodies. 

Literature are: Kevin Adickes, Nathaniel Cardaci, Seth Whaland and Mike Yaklin

Arab Spring is available here as a "Name Your Price" album: BANDCAMP

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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Right Nows - The Right Nows

Another fantastic band from the Sunny Day Records camp who pump out enough energy in their sound to power a small country, The Right Nows take their inspiration from the psychadelic garage bands of the sixties, mix it up with some garage punk and power pop, slice in a few choice riffs and serve up some catchy timeless melodies.

The Right Nows come from Cedeira, a small town in the northwest of Spain, a region with a fruitful tradition of wild rock’n’roll & garage bands, formed in 2007.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Nomads - Live at Liseberg, Gothenburg.

 As most regular readers are aware, I don't normally do live reviews, the reason being is that I get so indulged I usually forget the set list and last night was no exception, I also forgot my camera (I did have my iphone though!) but it was such a great evening I thought I would share it.

Heading out on a hot and sunny Wednesday evening to see The Nomads playing at Gothenburgs theme park, Liseberg, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but having listened to their records for more years than I care to remember and not having had the privilege of seeing the band play before, I didn't want to miss the show.
I arrived shortly before the show began and took a seat at the Taubscenen stage.  Looking around me I was heartened to see that it wasn't just a load of middle aged folks sitting around waiting for a trip back to younger times and old memories, there was a healthy mix of the young, the old, the knowledgeable and the curious.

The Nomads formed back in 1981 and released their 18th album last month entitled "Solna" which is the name of the town that the band hail from in Sweden. I have to say that I wasn't expecting these guys to put on a great show 31 years into their career, they only play a few shows every year now but judging by their performance you would have thought they were playing every night of the week!

"Can't Go Back" from the new album "Solna."

The Nomads are one of those legendary bands that have spawned imitators galore on their home soil, but none have yet surpassed the original Swedish outfit, not that this is an issue, the band themselves are moulded from the stylings of bands such as The Stooges, MC5, Roky Erikson and The Cramps to name a few and they do a great job, cranked up guitars are the order of the evening here with Hans Östlund playing staggering guitar riffs with a seemingly ease and a coolness more suited to a twenty something axe man, but hey ho, if you've got it!
All those years of sonic style screams don't seem to have affected vocalist/guitarist Nick Vahlberg either who delivers a virtually note perfect set which from experience I know isn't easy on a hot, sunny day.
These two original members of the band are supported perfectly by Björne Fröberg (bass) and Jocke Ericson (drums) who both play with fiery passion.
This was a flawless set with a mix of old and new numbers delivered with real passion and conviction and the band shows no signs of giving up anytime soon, much to the delight of this fan, and to all the other cheering, whistling and clapping fans who I shared the evening with last night.
All photos by Wayne Lundqvist Ford.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Semis - High On Pop

A little while back I ran a feature on The Semis - Decapitator Blues and now they are back with another 5 track mini album which sounds just as sweet as one would expect from these craftsman tunesmiths!

The Semis are a superior rock n roll band with a mid-fi beachy garage-pop vibe. They meld solid gold songcraft with pure rock n' roll id. And theyre ok with that.
The Semis music has been featured in regional commercials, the movie Dropped Frames and the Bravo series Flipping Out

They are constantly writing and recording. And swimming... and slaying.

Download "High On Pop" (Name your price) here:BANDCAMP
The Semis have four essential albums;
Route 666 ( 2004 )
White Powder Black Power (2007)
Back To The Beach (2010)
Decapitator Blues (2011)

all of which can be found here:
and here:

other earlier demos can be found here:

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