Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Electric Mess - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

The Electric Mess - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth, OUT NOW on Groovie Records!

Hitting my inbox sometime late last night was this gorgeous gem of an album and listening to this and seeing the cool clobber these guys are sporting, it only seems right to share them with you as soon as possible!!!!!
This is really cool sixties styled garage pop punk, crunching guitars, some fantastic organ workings, driving drum beats, pulsating bass and some powerful wanna dance?  Can you keep up?  The Electric Mess will have you dancing in some way shape or form all night long!

Since forming in 2007, The Electric Mess have developed into an exciting and tight rock n' roll band, led by an androgynous and dynamic  lead singer, Chip Fontaine (aka Esther Crow).
The band recently released their second album, entitled "Falling Off the Face of the Earth".  It features 13 songs and still shows a wide range of influences, again with an emphasis on strong songwriting and catchy melodies, and dynamic musicianship.  Like their debut album, it was recorded at The Church in Brooklyn, engineered and mixed by David Horowitz, and mastered by punk legend Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Matthew Sweet). 
The album is now out on CD and will be released on vinyl some time in June.  The CD and Vinyl are available on Groovie Records and iTunes download, etc.

Here are a couple of videos from the bands debut album:

The band have a really great web page, where you can listen to 7 out of the 13 rocking tracks on the latest album, watch all the videos, order the records, find gig dates, all in one place!

This is one hell of an album and will make a few "Album of the year" spots at the end of the year, go take a listen NOW!

Official Web Site: THE ELECTRIC MESS 

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  1. this is a fantastic album,highly recommended this ,top stuff.