Friday, May 4, 2012

Grandma's Boyfriend FREE EP DOWNLOAD

Winning best band name this week is "Grandma's Boyfriend" from San Francisco, who have just released a six track 7" single....YES....six tracks on a 7" single!
All but one track on the single come in under the nifty 2 minute mark but they fit everything in there perfectly, this is pure Power Punk Pop and if I was forced to give you a comparison I would say The Dickies meeting The Ramones.  I hope it won't be long until these guys deliver a long player, this is great, get up and jump about music, they are about to go out on the road, unfortunately I don't have any dates, but follow them on Facebook (Link at the bottom of this post) and go and check them out!
These guys deliver, short, sharp, punches to the ears and mind
"Grandma's Boyfriend" are:
Mike Ramos - guitar, vocals
George Tarlson - bass, vocals
Malcolm Kenter - drums, vocals 

Go download this for free here:BANDCAMP

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By the 7" single here:

Grandma's Boyfriend have been in touch and have given me the following dates for their live appearances, so go along and have some fun if you are in the vacinity!

5/17 >> @ McWorld (5011 Adams Blvd, Culver City, CA)
5/18 >> @ Trunkspace (Phoenix, AZ)
5/19 >> @ Magnetic Music (Taos, NM)
5/20 >> @ Lion's Lair (Denver, CO)
5/21 >> @ TBD, (Salt Lake City, UT)

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