Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paradise - Diary Of An Old Soul OUT NOW!

Back in the 80's I became somewhat disillusioned by what the "music machines" were churning out, supposedly for my listening pleasure, so I took a trip back in time to see what I had overlooked from the bygone era of the sixties and I discovered loads of American garage bands playing in a style of the sixties British Invasion, but punkier and, well, more kick arse, for want of a better expression.  There were literally thousands of songs to be discovered and bearing in mind this was before the home internet I spent a small fortune on these, unheard bands, who recorded in cheap studios, garages, bedrooms, some even sounded like they had recorded in a trash can, but they caught a real essence of what rock 'n' roll was meant to be, loud, tuneful, melodic, fast and most importantly fun!   Every now and then a band pops up that once again checks all these boxes, not often sadly, but "Paradise" do (they recorded in a proper studio too!), so sit up and listen, this is music!

Their eyes burnt by the glowing landscapes of the electronic revolution. Their teeth sharpened to the sounds of a youthful uprising. Hating the Beatles before they loved them. Blood brothers to their instruments, idols of procreation and pro-creation. Aged by the sun. Singing the sounds of a now nameless generation.
Raised in the cornfields of the Bible Belt, the industrial wasteland of Cleveland, Ohio, the rolling hills of the Lake Michigan coast and the burnt desert of the Golden State. The four members now emerge from the dark hollows of Portland, Oregon.
It is the sound of flux. The response to a United Federation of States run by the few. A response to growing up tormented by idols and enemies. Their sound is a refuge from data, meetings and humans. In a world of mindless pop culture, we offer you an escape from the masses. Mass media is no longer the cure. What we offer you is our cure. A sound we call Paradise.

This 8 track album is powered along by growling vocals, fantastic farfisa, a strong rhythm section and well crafted songs, sometimes it reminds me of The Seeds and sometimes of more modern bands like The Hives but most importantly it reassures me that there are still bands out there making, great music, fantastic music, brilliant music....kick arse rock 'n' roll!

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If you like/love what you hear, which I am sure you will, buy the album and support the band.....we need more of this....much more!

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