Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Semis - High On Pop

A little while back I ran a feature on The Semis - Decapitator Blues and now they are back with another 5 track mini album which sounds just as sweet as one would expect from these craftsman tunesmiths!

The Semis are a superior rock n roll band with a mid-fi beachy garage-pop vibe. They meld solid gold songcraft with pure rock n' roll id. And theyre ok with that.
The Semis music has been featured in regional commercials, the movie Dropped Frames and the Bravo series Flipping Out

They are constantly writing and recording. And swimming... and slaying.

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The Semis have four essential albums;
Route 666 ( 2004 )
White Powder Black Power (2007)
Back To The Beach (2010)
Decapitator Blues (2011)

all of which can be found here:
and here:

other earlier demos can be found here:

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  1. These guys sound great. Thanks for highglighting them.