Monday, May 21, 2012

Los Immediatos - 4 Tickets To Wonderland

Another great Spanish band hailing from the Sunny Day Records band camp, Los Immediatos deliver a heady album of mid to late sixties stylings with a touch of psychadelia thrown in for good measure.
I don't know if they add something to the water in Spain to continue producing these bands or if it is the healthy dose of Vitamin D the bands get, and to be honest, I don't really care as long as they continue to maintain this standard of output.
Los Immediatos are really at the top of their game and if there was a music event at this summers Olympics, these guys would be making a slow trip back to Toledo weighted down in gold!

No doubt one of the most talented bands in Spanish pop scene in the last three decades, perfect embodiment of teen beat spirit, creators of amazing pop melodies and with a creative curriculum not many could equal.
Los Immediatos have become an important brand in the Spanish 60′s scene in the last decade due to their hard-working ethos, they have performed in every corner of the country and have even taken their shows to in-famous partys such as the Primitive Festival (Holland) and Festiva Beat (Italy). They shared stages with well-known names such as The Pretty Things, The Trashmen, The Fleshtones, Dr. Explosion and a long etcetera... yeah, they are real veterans ready to get on their van at any chance to play their instruments!
If you like The Shakers, Los Brincos, The Hollies, The Squires, Beau Brummels or Powder this is your band, this is your record. 

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(Los Immediatos back catologue available too)

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  1. Once again, not a frikkin CD or digital down load - come on, man!

    1. Hey Fathermosh!!!
      Our two first records are in vynil an CD.
      Our two last records:
      "Third Times THe Charm"
      "4 Tickets To Wonderland"
      Both in Sunny Day records are in vynil but they also come already with the Cd inside as a present included in the vynil format!!!
      So now you have the chance to get them!

      Los Immediatos Headquarters!

  2. I'm sorry Fathermosh, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your persuasion, many of these bands only release music on vinyl, keep checking in though, there will be a band from that label that release a cd and vinyl, they really are a great label and have some great bands signed to them.