Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Nomads - Live at Liseberg, Gothenburg.

 As most regular readers are aware, I don't normally do live reviews, the reason being is that I get so indulged I usually forget the set list and last night was no exception, I also forgot my camera (I did have my iphone though!) but it was such a great evening I thought I would share it.

Heading out on a hot and sunny Wednesday evening to see The Nomads playing at Gothenburgs theme park, Liseberg, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but having listened to their records for more years than I care to remember and not having had the privilege of seeing the band play before, I didn't want to miss the show.
I arrived shortly before the show began and took a seat at the Taubscenen stage.  Looking around me I was heartened to see that it wasn't just a load of middle aged folks sitting around waiting for a trip back to younger times and old memories, there was a healthy mix of the young, the old, the knowledgeable and the curious.

The Nomads formed back in 1981 and released their 18th album last month entitled "Solna" which is the name of the town that the band hail from in Sweden. I have to say that I wasn't expecting these guys to put on a great show 31 years into their career, they only play a few shows every year now but judging by their performance you would have thought they were playing every night of the week!

"Can't Go Back" from the new album "Solna."

The Nomads are one of those legendary bands that have spawned imitators galore on their home soil, but none have yet surpassed the original Swedish outfit, not that this is an issue, the band themselves are moulded from the stylings of bands such as The Stooges, MC5, Roky Erikson and The Cramps to name a few and they do a great job, cranked up guitars are the order of the evening here with Hans Östlund playing staggering guitar riffs with a seemingly ease and a coolness more suited to a twenty something axe man, but hey ho, if you've got it!
All those years of sonic style screams don't seem to have affected vocalist/guitarist Nick Vahlberg either who delivers a virtually note perfect set which from experience I know isn't easy on a hot, sunny day.
These two original members of the band are supported perfectly by Björne Fröberg (bass) and Jocke Ericson (drums) who both play with fiery passion.
This was a flawless set with a mix of old and new numbers delivered with real passion and conviction and the band shows no signs of giving up anytime soon, much to the delight of this fan, and to all the other cheering, whistling and clapping fans who I shared the evening with last night.
All photos by Wayne Lundqvist Ford.

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