Monday, December 3, 2012

Nick Capaldi - A Shade Of Orange.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the brilliant "Stanley Arms Brigade" single by Nick Capladi on the blog and the album is due out just before Christmas and Nick very kindly sent me a copy of the album to feature on the blog.

I first heard about Nick Capaldi via one of the musicians in his band, Gareth Owen. Gareth used to lodge with me about 10 years ago and is one of those people that no matter what instrument you presented him with, he could just play it, I had all sorts of instrument around my home, keyboards, drums, guitars, Turkish instruments like Curnas and Zurnas, all of which he could play, so when he got in touch with me and told me that he was playing with Nick, I knew it would be something special and that he would be playing with an equal, if not greater talent, for the sake of my friend Gaz, we will say equal in this instance. Of course, I was correct in my assumption that it would be great.  We should not forget, of course, the two other, very talented, members of Nick's set up, Luke Watson (Drums) and Thomas Hughes (Organ)  who provide a very solid backbone to the band.

There is a healthy variety of styles on the album that are amalgamated to blend perfectly throughout the playing experience, a touch of soul on "Read Into Me," featuring the lovely vocals of Lynne Jackaman, a more rocking feel on "You Aint No Woman To Me," Jangly guitars on the slightly country feeling "We Fall,"and a nice bit of Power Pop on "My Car Was Born To Ride" which is possibly my favourite track on the album, if I had to pick one, which is very difficult to do on this 10 track album.
I would be hard pressed to catergorise this album into one genre, but even with the crossovers within, it flows really nicely from start to finish, it doesn't have one awkward track like some albums, that leaves you wondering what the artist was thinking when they included that one!

Gareth Owen (Left) Nick Capaldi (Right) Photo by Nadia.

Overall this is a very solid debut album which finishes up with the rocky "Eyes On The Road" a stomper of a track and maybe a reference to a band that are looking forward to where they are going, which, should be somewhere pretty cool, if the world is a just place.

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Live Dates:

AIR Raiser - The Corn Exchange Dorchester
3rd December 2012

Various Artists gather for a great night of live music
Tickets £5 on the door
Doors open at 8pm

Camden HeadCamden
3rd January 2013
12 Bar
Denmark Street
31st January 2013

Mother Live
333 Old Street
13th Febuary 2013

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