Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Frinchers - Table You Forever

Another great Spanish band, hailing from Madrid, The Frinchers deliver a wonderful cocktail of Mod Revival/Garage/Power Pop with a healthy nod back to the sixties, all of which create a well blended mix of harmonies, guitar riffs and steady beats.
On the opening track, "Across The Albert Dock" you are drawn down the path of the 60's Mersey sound, maybe no surprise given the title, but the band catch the essence of that sound so well, giving it a refreshing modern makeover and maybe picking up the beat a bit too.

"If You Know My Number" and "When Will You Realise" are prime examples of Power Pop, catchy, melodic and remind me a little of the classic 70's Power Pop sound, and, once again that 60's sound work its way into the mix, which to these ears, is a real delight, as is the whole album

The band includes members of the 80's mod band "Los Potros," a major player within the Spanish Mod scene, whose singles and EP's are now highly sought after, and the band "Sunbeat."

The band also, very kindly, sent me their first, self titled, album which is every bit as exciting as the latest and I would suggest hunting them both down, because the 11 tracks on "Table You Forever" will certainly leave you wanting for more.  This is an album that it would be very hard to pick a favourite track from, a solid and engaging album from start to finish. 

The band are currently setting up a "Bandcamp" page which should be active some time next week in the mean time you can check out more of their music at MYSPACE .

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love (and buy CDs) The Frinchers here: Facebook

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