Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top Five 7" Vinyl Singles of the Year.

Whilst I agonise and ponder over my album of the year list, honestly, it is a nightmare, I only feature bands I really like on my blog, I thought it might be fun to have a 7" Vinyl single of the year, I haven't received that many, so almost everyone will make it into the top 5, well, about 50% of those I have recieved.  Obviously it is still difficult to place them because they all have their own qualities and individuality about them and the fact that I love them all makes them all number one in my mind anyway, but here goes anyway.


"My Love" reminds me of The Yardbirds early offerings but with the professionalism and talent of their later recordings, this is a fantastic sounding single and the B'side "Chuck's Blues" is a an exciting Hammond driven instrumental that is sure to get your feet moving, just tapping or full out dancing, but your feet will move!

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This one only arrived this week and I knew the track from Lannie's latest album, "New Songs - Old Stories."  An absolutely epic album that will no doubt be residing in many end of year lists, collectors of 7" vinyl shouldn't be without this sort of master class in their Power Pop collections.

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The three tracks on this EP are sung entirely in Spanish, but don't let that put you off, you will be singing along fluently whilst riding the crest of the wave that the bands music creates....Rock 'N' Roll indeed!

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With two great single behind them now, we wait with baited breath for the album from this mod 3 piece from norther Spain, Mieres Bridge is a classic slice of revival mod that would sit comfortably among the peers of the revival classicists of that period.

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Ok, now this totally goes against the grain of end of year lists, but it is my blog and I can do what I want, so, there are 2 singles that sit together in the top slot, both of which have been absolute favourites, not just for me, but everyone that I have played them to.

First up is The Sensibles, from Italy, with their limited pressing (which I believe may have become slightly less limited due to demand) "7" S/T" this Power Pop Punk nugget really blew my socks off!

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Sharing the top spot with The Sensibles is a Spanish band that first caught my attention with this very single, once again, it has received such a great interest from everyone that has heard it and I just can't stop playing it at least once a day, it is of course BANG 74 and their cover of The Now's "Can You Fix Me Up With Her" which is possibly the best cover I have heard and actually blows the original away!

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Congratulations to all the bands featured and thank you for sending me your 7" vinyl and allowing me to share your music with the world.

All the bands can be found on the blog by sing the search facility in the top left hand corner, so if you like what you have heard, please check them out and let's keep vinyl recordings alive, it is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate format to listen to music on!

Now, I am off to agonise a little more over my album of the year!


  1. Bang 74 just had to win. In addition to being a great tune, it's video is this years find in social anthropology studies of the 70's.

    1. Ha ha ha, yes, Trond, I totally agree. The clips were taken from the film "Pretty Maids All In A Row" and they certainly work brilliantly with the theme of the song.