Monday, December 17, 2012

The Buttshakers - Wicked Woman

I love to hear great Soul music, delivered with real passion and errr.....soul and The Buttshakers certainly do that and they deliver it with power too, singer Ciara, from St Louis makes sure of that!
Ciara is more than supported by 5 guys from Lyon who play like their lives depend on it, this really is top quality soul that is played by a band that are so aptly named, shake your butt, because this band are going to kick it anyway!

A rhythm n’ blues vibe, dose of garage, and a high part of sex-appeal make their songs a blast of powerful hits, turning their shows into furious dance action. Formed in early 2007, and quickly joined by Ciara, gospel diva from St. Louis (Missouri), The Buttshakers immediately imposed their soul energy well beyond the local scene. As early as first concerts, the group distilled soul music to the four corners of France and beyond: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, with over an hundred dates behind on the last two years.

Within this vibes they recorded their first two vinyl singles for copaseDisques in 2008 & 2009 followed by the album "Headaches and Heartaches" in early 2010 for a french label. Unfortunately the label called it a day shortly after the album release.
Coming back to Germany in 2012 for a short live-tour the band ended up in a recording studio in Hamburg to lay down some brandnew songs for our tiny copaseDisques label.
These songs gonna see their release on a 6-track 10” sized piece of vinyl!! (plus digital download via ITunes, Amazon, Musicload, Finetunes and many more....)

You know you gonna need this to bring back the Soul to your heart! 

Contact, befriend, follow, listen to some songs, like and love The Buttshakers here: Facebook

Pre order the vinyl here: Copasetic

Downloads will be available at itunes Amazon etc.

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