Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grant Lindberg - The Narrows. OUT NOW - FREE DOWNLOAD

Another one of our very favourite artists, Grant Lindberg, has a new album out and as expected, it is an absolute corker!

This one man band produces some of the finest power pop out there.  Citing his influences as Cheap Trick, Nirvana, Brendan Benson and Ash, without hearing his music you can come to the assumption that his music is both melodic and noisy and you would be correct, the tunes are there, the guitars, the pounding drums and driving bass lines and after listening to "I Would" from this album, I would add Dinosaur Jr to that list of influences too as it has that bitter sweet quality to it that J Mascis has in his music.

Grant is a keen angler and spends a large part of the year fishing Muskies in the lakes around Minnesota, fortunately for us, the fishing season only last for 6 months and then Grant gets back into the studio and fills his time making great music for our absolute delight.  

This album is certainly one of my favourites so far this year and will surely be many other peoples favourite album too and to think that Grant is giving it away FREE is absolutely mind blowing, but that is the way he rolls.....when he isn't fishing!

This is a totally FREE download and I can't recommend it enough, go get it!!!!!!!!

Downlod "The Narrows" FREE here: Bandcamp
(Check out the back catologue too which is not only great but FREE as well!)

Find more music from Grant Lindberg here: Reverbnation

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